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Sunday, December 2nd, 2012

Robert Reich writes: What does the drama in Washington over the “fiscal cliff” have to do with strikes and work stoppages among America’s lowest-paid workers at Walmart, McDonald’s, Burger King, and Domino’s Pizza? Everything. Tell your representatives in Washington to stop sucking up to very richest of Americans and start acting responsibly for the rest […]

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Thursday, January 27th, 2011

Tindamax For Sale, The American Secret Service sweats bullets when the federal government gathers each January to hear the President's State of the Union address. Tindamax maximum dosage, Our enemies could do serious damage if they could figure out how to blow up the entire capital building.

A similar situation happens every year in the town of Davos, Tindamax australia, uk, us, usa, Effects of Tindamax, Switzerland when the members of the world's oligarchy, arguably the real governing force today, ordering Tindamax online, Tindamax gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, gather to talk business.

Of course, Tindamax interactions, Tindamax results, Walmart is there.

From Barron's:

Though Wal Mart Stores isn’t seeing a lot of optimism among its U.S, discount Tindamax. customers, which currently are ¾ of the total, there’s “tremendous growth in emerging markets,” said CEO Mike Duke Thursday in Davos, where the World Economic Forum is holding its 2011 meeting, Tindamax For Sale. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, “You’re seeing real significant growth in domestic consumption in China,” where a rising middle class is fueling that, Tindamax brand name, Australia, uk, us, usa, he said. Over the long run, buy Tindamax without prescription, Tindamax schedule, that might also help sell U.S. made products—typically more expensive—into China.

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Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

Uncle Bob emailed me this week to alert me to two columns. The first is by college student Crystal Villareal and the second is a response to Villareal by Georgia radio host and Libertarian Neal Boortz, who is unhappy with her challenge to his reality. In a nut shell, Villareal thinks that Walmart is bad […]


Thursday, June 18th, 2009

And when I see a blog titled: Thinking Made Easy — specially when it focuses on business, marketing and management — my bull shit meter goes off. I make no secret of the fact that I hold business marketing professionals generally in contempt. I do so because they add nothing of real value to the […]

Waltons – Feathering their nest again

Friday, June 5th, 2009

It seems that the Waltons still don’t think they are rich enough. First, they are revising an existing share buyback program and expanding it to $15 billion. Second, they are increasing the stock dividend (again). This time from $0.95 to $1.09 per year. With holdings of about 1.7 billion shares that 14 cents puts an […]

Credit Ratings

Saturday, March 7th, 2009

The NY Times has an article surveying the generally poor outlook for retail (Walmart excepted, of course). But it includes this odd chart. This shows the credit ratings of the various firms. The odd thing is that Walmart only has a AA rating that’s four notches below the top (AAA+). Usually a credit rating is […]

Starbucks promises stale coffee

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

I like picking on Starbucks because they have adopted the slash and burn tactics of Walmart to expand their reach. The way this has operated in the past was for them to open many stores in a region and drive out local coffee shops. Starbucks would open stores until the new ones were actually draining […]


Saturday, October 4th, 2008

As our economy goes down the toilet — if you think the $700 billion dollar loan from your great-grandchildren to the spendthrifts on Wall Street fixes our problems, you’ve got another think coming — it would be good to remember Brown and Kellogg. From Jeffrey Kaplan: There was, for a time, a visionary alternative. In […]

It’s not a Meltdown – It’s the Triumph of Capitalism

Monday, September 29th, 2008

There are many who are saying that this collapse “proves” that the US capitalist model is obsolete, or based upon false ideas. I claim that it is just the reverse. What the US has had since the 1870’s is syndicalism – a partnership between big business and government. In an earlier time people weren’t afraid […]

The Walton’s Golden Touch

Wednesday, September 17th, 2008

Via NY Times columnist Floyd Norris: They are the companies in the S.&P. 500 that gained, or lost, the most in market capitalization from the end of 2007 through Monday’s plunge. Lucky 13 WAL-MART +$52.1 billion AMGEN +$15.3 billion … Unlucky 13 A.I.G. -$135.1 billion EXXON MOBIL -$131.4 billion GENERAL ELECTRIC -$129.9 billion MICROSOFT -$88.2 […]

Too Big to Fail

Wednesday, September 17th, 2008

As the “capitalists” in the GOP proceed with the largest nationalization in US history, it seems a good time to talk about market dominance. In the past six months a half dozen financial firms have been effectively nationalized. In order to disguise this a variety of means have been used, such as lending money to […]

The Dog Ate my Homework

Thursday, August 14th, 2008

Conventional retailers have posted weak results for the prior quarter. Macy’s same stores sales were down 2.1%. Kohl’s same-store sales dropped 4.6% for the period and J. C. Penney’s 4.3%. I guess this explains this excuse from an industry analyst [via NY Times]: “The consumer is still stressed,” said Craig R. Johnson, president of Customer […]

More it’s up! it’s down!

Thursday, August 7th, 2008

Several retailers came out with sales figures. Walmart’s are sufficiently ambiguous that headline writers are still confused. [via NY Times] Objectively sales were (I’ll skip the discussion of “expectations”): The retailer said same-store sales, a crucial measure of performance, increased 3 percent at Wal-Mart and 3.5 percent at Sam’s Club. Including fuel, same-store sales rose […]

Retail summary

Thursday, July 31st, 2008

I’ve been thinking about posting on the sorry state of retail, but I found this nice summary on DailyKos, so I’ll just be lazy and refer to it. The retail sector is showing signs of collapse The comments cover the usual range of opinions as well. As we’ve noted before Walmart is still making money. […]

To Save Gas, Shoppers Stay Home and Click

Saturday, July 19th, 2008

From the NY Times Online shopping is gaining at a time when simply filling up a gas tank to head to the mall can seem like a spending spree. A number of retailers — including Gap, Victoria’s Secret and J. C. Penney — are experiencing double-digit sales growth at their shopping Web sites, creating a […]