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Tuesday, February 10th, 2015

This is serious. We now know how to keep a Walmart from opening in our neighborhood. Alex Barron, regional general manager for Wal-Mart U.S., writes: For almost three years, Wal-Mart has worked on a plan to bring new stores to Washington, and we are close to opening our first location in the city. Unfortunately, the […]

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Sunday, December 19th, 2010

Epogen For Sale, Vinny wants a Walmart in his neighborhood. He wants less of his paycheck to go to buying food so that he has more money for, Epogen maximum dosage, Is Epogen safe, well he doesn't tell us that. It is clear, canada, mexico, india, Online buying Epogen, however, that Vinny is angry, no prescription Epogen online. Order Epogen online c.o.d, Do we dismiss Vinny or engage him in the conversation.

From Insignificant Thoughts:

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: screw the mom and pops who charge $2.00 for the same can of soup a supermarket charges $0.89 for, cheap Epogen no rx. I’m tired of being robbed blind by “mom and pop” stores and that being dismissed as okay because it’s a locally-owned business, Epogen For Sale. Kjøpe Epogen på nett, köpa Epogen online, My neighborhood doesn’t define its character by the stores that line its streets, it’s the people that live there, buy Epogen without a prescription. Epogen description, Large chains like Wal-Mart make it affordable for people to live a bit above their usual means. I’m all for it and I’m tired of the incessant chain-bashing in this self-important shit-hole of a city, Epogen recreational. Effects of Epogen, You know what the problem is. Epogen For Sale, They know that people, in general, are sick of the local shitholes with their dirty cans and expired products too, and they know that the average Joe, when given a choice, would rather hit a Wal-Mart to spend their money than Paco’s Bodega. Instead of competing, Epogen from canadian pharmacy, Epogen dangers, the small “mom and pop” shitholes in this city have the Council and everyone else protecting them simply because they know that they have no interest in competing. We’re, buy Epogen without prescription, Epogen without prescription, essentially, sustaining unsustainable businesses with anti-competitive zoning and restrictions, Epogen no rx. Epogen overnight, Screw that. Bring on the giants, Epogen use. Purchase Epogen, Run the little crooks out of business. I’ve lost all capacity to give a damn.

I'm working on crafting a comment to Vinny, fast shipping Epogen. Epogen steet value, How should I start the conversation.

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Thursday, August 5th, 2010

Unions seem to think Walmart is unconquerable, but in 1937 a bunch of low-pay saleswomen at a Woolworth store in Detroit changed the retail landscape by demanding that the then retail giant treat them like people, not widgets. From Fred Goldstein’s Low-Wage Captialism: 1937: Woolworth’s Sit-Down And Walmart Today One of the main features of […]


Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

Mark Perry is all over a post by Vikas Bajaja on the New York Times Economic Blog titled Garment Factories, Changing Women’s Roles in Poor Countries. Not surprisingly, Vikas doesn’t mention Walmart. He writes: What struck me, however, was how their journeys had changed them and their views about life. Take Maasuda Akthar, who moved […]


Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

At one level, I do appreciate how spending time home with your children doing craft projects is better than a trip to Disney World, but the reality is that when both parents work, this just isn’t going to happen. That is the dark side of Walmart’s choice of video. As worker’s wage continue their post-’60s […]