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Monday, February 2nd, 2015

The group that sued the city of Ceres and Wal-Mart over a proposed Supercenter and lost has appealed the Stanislaus Superior Court decision. The appeal, filed with the court Jan. 26, further delays the construction of a Walmart Supercenter slated for Mitchell and Service roads, approved by the City Council in 2011. In November, Superior […]

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Sunday, February 6th, 2011

Walmart's near orgasmic explosion Buy Betnovate Without Prescription, of building in San Diego following years of frustration reminds me of the stampede down the gangway on the USS Bainbridge (CGN-25) when we docked there following a nine-month deployment to the Western Pacific. Betnovate pictures, California State Sen. Juan Vargas has introduced legislation to slow the headlong rush, Betnovate from canada. Buy Betnovate from canada, From MAPLight:

Democratic State Sen. Juan Vargas plans on introducing legislation "that would require developers to pay for an independent economic analysis before any local jurisdiction in the state could approve such projects, Betnovate class, Buy no prescription Betnovate online, " according to Union-Tribune's Craig Gustafson. Vargas is specifically targeting Wal-Mart with his legislation, which is trying to fast-track development for one of its "supercenters" in San Diego, Buy Betnovate Without Prescription.

The state Capital is well connected to campaign contributions from Wal-Mart, Betnovate photos. Betnovate online cod, Since 2003, Wal-mart has put in over $220, buy generic Betnovate, Betnovate coupon, 000 into the campaign committees of lawmakers voted into office during the 2009-2010 and the 2011-2012 legislative sessions. Vargas is no exception, Betnovate pics, Betnovate natural, he accepted $3,000 in contributions from Wal-Mart in September 2010.

He is below, discount Betnovate, Taking Betnovate, however, the top five on Walmart's list: Mike Villines, Betnovate treatment, Betnovate forum, Assembly Republican -- $14,600;
Mimi Walters, Betnovate dangers, Order Betnovate from mexican pharmacy, Senate Republican -- $11,100; Audra Strickland, buy Betnovate online cod, Fast shipping Betnovate, Assembly Republican -- $10,200; Van Tran, ordering Betnovate online, Get Betnovate, Assembly Republican -- $9,600; and Connie Conway, where can i buy cheapest Betnovate online, Betnovate mg, Assembly Republican -- $9,500, Betnovate used for. Betnovate recreational, There is no greater threat to the free exercise of our political system than our present method of financing political campaigns. The oligarchy has always been in a position to buy politicians, Betnovate no rx, Purchase Betnovate online no prescription, but the income disparity has never been so great and the danger so real.

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Friday, February 4th, 2011

Betnovate For Sale, An important public meeting on Walmart's plans to enter the lucrative market only drew a bit more than 100 people. In a city of more than 8 million, is Betnovate addictive, Buying Betnovate online over the counter, that's an infinitesimal number. Walmart had more important business to tend to and ignored the meeting, cheap Betnovate. Online buy Betnovate without a prescription, Given the rhetoric at the meeting, that was a smart decision, Betnovate canada, mexico, india. Betnovate blogs, From WNYC:

“Wal-Mart is definitely not welcome in New York City,” Councilwoman Melissa Mark-Viverito said, Betnovate maximum dosage. Betnovate schedule, “It is a union-busting, tax-evading, buy Betnovate online no prescription, Betnovate without prescription, wage-suppressing, job-destroying, order Betnovate from United States pharmacy, Betnovate steet value, civil rights-abusing, food stamp-denying, Betnovate for sale, Betnovate interactions, multinational corporation that has no place in New York City.”

The Council said it’s exploring legislative options to block Wal-Mart from opening a store in the city, but under city law a store only needs its approval if the space is more than 10, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Herbal Betnovate, 000-square feet in a manufacturing district. Wal-Mart has launched an aggressive PR campaign in New York but has yet to sign a lease, generic Betnovate. Kjøpe Betnovate på nett, köpa Betnovate online, “We will not be your slave workers in your plantation because that’s what Wal-Mart is,” Councilman Charles Barron said.

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Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

Nearly a year ago we wrote about Walmart's intentions to use the Detroit School System Buy Aricept Without Prescription, as a source of cheap labor. As Walmart rolls out its plans to enter Washington, Aricept maximum dosage, Aricept coupon, D.C. citizens there fear that their schools are next, Aricept gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Fast shipping Aricept, From the Washington Post:

Wal-Mart officials are considering a job training partnership with the University of the District of Columbia's new community college to prepare city residents for jobs and combat concerns over its employment practices as the chain plans to open in the District.

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Monday, January 24th, 2011

Buy Quinine Without Prescription, Jonathan first wrote about Walmart's plans to build adjacent to the northern Virginia land where generals Robert E. Lee and Ulysses S, generic Quinine. Where can i buy cheapest Quinine online, Grant met in the Civil War Battle of the Wilderness back in August 2008. Tomorrow the parties go to court, Quinine long term. Rx free Quinine, From The Examiner:

The dispute involves whether a Walmart should be built near the Civil War site, and the case pits preservationists and some residents of a rural northern Virginia town against the world's largest retailer and local officials who approved the Walmart Supercenter, Quinine for sale.

Both sides are scheduled to make arguments before a judge Tuesday, Buy Quinine Without Prescription. Real brand Quinine online, The proposed Walmart is located near the site of the Battle of the Wilderness, which is viewed by historians as a critical turning point in the war, order Quinine from United States pharmacy. Quinine dosage, An estimated 185,000 Union and Confederate troops fought over three days in 1864, buy Quinine online cod, Low dose Quinine, and 30,000 were killed, purchase Quinine for sale, Get Quinine, injured or went missing. The war ended 11 months later, Quinine forum. Quinine description, The 143,000-square-foot space planned by the Bentonville, buy Quinine without a prescription, Quinine no rx, Ark., retailer would be outside the limits of the protected national park where the core battlefield is located, where can i buy Quinine online. Buy Quinine Without Prescription, The company has stressed the store would be within an area already dotted with retail locations, and in an area zoned for commercial use. Online buy Quinine without a prescription, The Orange County Board of Supervisors in August 2009 approved the special use permit Wal-Mart needed to build, but the National Trust for Historic Preservation and residents who live within three miles of the site challenged the board's decision, Quinine from canadian pharmacy. Quinine use, They argued, in part, order Quinine from mexican pharmacy, Quinine street price, that supervisors ignored or rejected the help of historians and other preservation experts when they approved the store's construction in Locust Grove about 1 mile from the national park entrance.

Hundreds of historians, buy Quinine from mexico, Quinine pharmacy, including Pulitzer Prize-winning historian James McPherson, filmmaker Ken Burns and actor Robert Duvall have appealed to Wal-Mart to walk away and find another place to build in the county of less than 35, effects of Quinine, Quinine gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, 000 people.

Why is this store so important to Walmart. Does it fear a precedent, Quinine pictures. Quinine samples, Are the potential sale that great. Does the company simply want to assert its will, online buying Quinine hcl. Quinine pics, Jeff Hess: Have Coffee Will Write.. Order Quinine online overnight delivery no prescription. Buy cheap Quinine no rx. Quinine price. Quinine online cod. Quinine from mexico. Fast shipping Quinine. Quinine natural. Quinine used for. Quinine blogs. My Quinine experience.

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Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

What caused New York state senate democrats to return a check for $15,000 to Walmart. Did someone grow a pair and say no to corporate influence? Was a decision made that the check wasn’t big enough? Or, my choice, was the grief just not worth it? From the New York Post: State Senate Democrats have […]


Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

Chicago Alderman Joe Moore vote yes for Chicago’s second Walmart and no for it’s third. A Walmart is a Walmart and there is little difference between the two neighborhoods. So why did Moore vote yes for one and no for the other? Moore writes: The Mayor submitted the proposal to the City Council Finance Committee, […]


Saturday, July 31st, 2010

There are two ways that workers in the United States can relate to their brothers and sisters in Bangladesh and the rest of the Third World: they can accept a third world income and lifestyle or they can work to raise all workers to a higher standard of living. That is the core of the […]

Irony alert.

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

Three counties in North Carolina house their departments of social services in abandoned Walmarts.


Friday, December 18th, 2009

Well, it looks like Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley’s hopes to garner “the backing of aldermen so he can’t be criticized by the media for acting unilaterally,” isn’t working out so well. The Chicago Smut Sun Times says he damned both ways. The time for a South Side Wal-Mart has come. Unemployment in the Chicago […]


Sunday, December 13th, 2009

The story reads like a not-even-rewritten news release from the Walflacks. At first I didn’t give the story my attention, but then on a hunch I Googled Coahoma County Initiative and got exactly four hits, all tied o the news release. My bullshit meter’s tickin’. From the Clarksdale Press Register: The Walmart Family Foundation out […]


Saturday, September 12th, 2009

The story in Central Michigan Life is about high school students protesting outside a Walmart in Grand Rapids with signs proclaiming Gravesite of the American Dream and Support local biz, but buried near the middle of Joe Borlik’s piece is this bit of wal-flack boilerplate. Store manager Chris Emmons declined to comment on the issue […]


Saturday, April 25th, 2009

Portland, Oregon, has perhaps the best local legislation and community policies in place to fight sprawl. That it has one Walmart surprises me, but the when the mayor agrees to be a Walmart greeter on a dare, you have to wonder what the feck went down. Jeff Hess: Have Coffee Will Write.


Tuesday, May 20th, 2008

People who love Wal-Mart do so for a variety of reasons. We’ve fisked all of them at one time or another, but I have to say that the closing line on a WRTV story gave me a great morning chuckle. Supporters think a Wal-Mart will lower their taxes. Some residents who support the retailer contend […]


Friday, May 9th, 2008

Is it possible that Wal-Mart is to Chicago as Tibet is to China? In the eyes of the International Olympic Committee, which is considering Chicago for the 2016 Summer Olympics, that’s the case that Sandra M. Jones attempts to make. I’m not buying it. It sounds like political misdirection to me. From the Chicago Tribune: […]