Republicans Against Big Business

Why does conservative godfather Paul Weyrich hate big business? From the Conservative Voice:
Big businesses care little, if at all, what effects their actions have locally. Small businesses do care, because their owners and managers live in the local community. If they injure that community, they hurt themselves as well. Small businesses are also an important part of something America does relatively well – namely, creating economic opportunity and new jobs.
Is he thinking about Wal-Mart? The article doesn't mention them, but Pessimist at the Left Coaster (my source for this link) certainly is:
I don't argue that a town full of Mom-and-Pop (M&P) shops are more stable, but the recent history of small towns is devastation when Wal-Mart comes to town. The Walton family are among the most conservative people in America, and they are hardly running M&P stores. In fact, they can't find the asymptote for bigness, making each new Wal-Mart bigger than the last.
Painting concern about Wal-Mart as exclusively liberal is just a smokescreen to get conservative Americans to ignore their own local interests. Whether he knows it or not, I welcome Mr. Weyrich to the fold.

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