Change always involves investment of personal resources -- both time and wealth -- and a common metric for judging the worth of a change is whether or not the return on the investment justifies the up-front cost; that includes politics. Reading Ruth Marcus' piece made me wonder if Walmart Moms are there yet. From The Washington Post:
The Wal-Mart Moms were pessimistic, bordering on despondent, about the state of the country. Like, well, moms dealing with bickering children, they were exasperated by Washington lawmakers seemingly incapable of learning to get along. And they were surprisingly understanding about the president's plight. Even those who did not vote for Barack Obama shied away from blaming him for the current state of affairs. If anything, they said they felt sorry for him.
Now this is a group of 30 women assembled by Walmart.
These were homemakers and teachers, dental assistants and billing managers. Most had at least some college education. All made less than $100,000 annually, most closer to $50,000, and for many the recession had hit painfully close, with husbands who had lost jobs and homes foreclosed or underwater. All were likely to vote in November, although despite the intensity of the Senate races in their states, they were largely oblivious to the candidates. For all the partisan attacks lobbed at the Democratic and Republican congressional leadership, they knew little about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and even less about Minority Leader John Boehner. If I were a member of Congress listening to these women, I would have been horrified by their perception of lawmakers as elitists disconnected from -- indeed, uninterested in -- their concerns. If I were a member of Congress up for re-election I would have been frightened by their hostility. If I were the president, I would have felt relieved. Not great, but relieved.
But why did Walmart bring them together? Jeff Hess: Have Coffee Will Write.

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