Politically, California defies stereotypes and rules. The state's citizens are perhaps the most activist in the nation and regularly make end runs around the legislature with ballot initiatives. There are still rules however and Walmart may have run afoul of one. From News Blaze:
Tuolumne County residents have filed a formal complaint with the California Fair Political Practices Commission against Wal-Mart for illegally circulating a petition to force a special election on a proposed expansion of their Sonora store. Throughout July and August, Wal-Mart paid local residents to collect signatures to place the initiative on the ballot. Though Wal-Mart gathered a sufficient number of signatures, they did not form a political committee to report their activity. Under California law, signature-gathering efforts on behalf of proposed ballot initiatives must disclose their activities to the California Secretary of State's office. Wal-Mart has failed to submit these disclosures, according to the Secretary of State, thus making the entire effort illegal.
We have lost sight of the difference between individual citizens coming together in common cause and corporations (Citizens United v. Board of Elections be damned) leveraging share holder value to influence business's legal climate. We need to get away from one dollar, one vote and back to one citizen, one vote. Jeff Hess: Have Coffee Will Write.

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