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Buy Proscar Without Prescription, We get occasional flack from readers because we don't report on every big box retailer in the world. Proscar for sale, As I've said before, Walmart is the 800-pound gorilla, Proscar overnight, Proscar canada, mexico, india, but Walmart is far from alone as this story about Target illustrates.

From Scocca:

People are disgusted by this Target commercial, online Proscar without a prescription, Proscar from canada, which is so snide and misguided, my first reaction was disbelief, buy Proscar no prescription. Proscar results, The politics of it are crassly offensive: the spot sneers at a mother for putting her kid in a homemade Iron Man costume rather than an off-the-shelf foam-muscled one.

Scocca concludes:

Why crap on your own customers at all. The ad only makes sense as a piece of propaganda in service of a broader mission, Proscar class, About Proscar, to teach children that they should be consuming identical mass-produced products whenever possible. Would a kid in a funny homemade Iron Man outfit feel inferior to his foam-suited peers, Buy Proscar Without Prescription. Maybe a kid in a foam suit might feel awkward about being one of eight matching Iron Men in his third-grade class, buy cheap Proscar. Get Proscar, It's all in how you set expectations.

Three cheers for awesome parents like Adam Harvey who love their children more than they love corporate greed.

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2 Responses to “Buy Proscar Without Prescription”

  1. UncleBob says:

    Consumerist had some outcry at this as well. Personally, I thought the commercial was quite clever.

    The fact is, while I adored the homemade Iron Man outfit, I’d venture to guess that most kids would react about the same as the one in this commercial if they were expected to go out in public in one.

    It’s a fine balancing act between making your kids happy and guiding them towards choices that will make them happy.

    But to this commercial, I don’t think it’s trying to mass-market to children because it’s obvious (to me, at least) that it’s not aimed at the children – it’s aimed at the parents.

  2. Jeff Hess says:

    Shalom Bob,

    Yes, the commercial was targeted (pun intended) to parents because they theoretically control the money, but there is a more subtle message here in that the homemade/individualized is inferior to the industrialized.

    I am reminded of the scene in Fiddler On The Roof where the tailor buys a treadle-powered sewing machine and excitedly tells the other villagers to look at how even the stitches are. No more hand stitches he promises!

    Craft and creativity are for the very wealthy. The rest of us should be happy with the cookie-cutter production we are expected to consume.

    I say, feh!



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