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Buy Reglan Without Prescription, I'm sure I'm not telling many of you anything you don't already know, but it seems (via Wake-Up Walmart) that most Walmarts are going to be open on Thanksgiving:

"Most Walmart stores will be open on Thanksgiving Day unless they are required to be closed by a city ordinance," Walmart spokesman Ravi Jariwala said in a statement, referring to the retailer's U.S. discount stores.

I'm guessing management played the associates off the customers: "We have to do this to make sure that we can serve the customer's needs at every step, taking Reglan. Reglan wiki, Besides, you don't really like your aunt Gladys anyways."

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5 Responses to “Buy Reglan Without Prescription”

  1. UncleBob says:

    “Take the news”? Well, several years ago when this was first announce, we just kinda shrugged because it makes sense and we knew it was coming…

    Personally, I don’t care – I’m not much of a family/social person anyway. The only thing that annoys me are the people who come in to shop and make comments like “Man, it must suck to work today.” – yeah, we’re only working because you just had to have some cheap plastic stuff *today*. What these people don’t realize is if they didn’t shop on Thanksgiving, we wouldn’t be open on Thanksgiving. Again, I don’t care to work (in fact, on more than one occasion, when I worked in the Photo Lab, I’d work the full day by myself so my co-workers could have the day off) – but I just hate people who like to pretend that they feel sorry for us that we’re working on a holiday when they’re the reason we’re doing it.

    Just come in, get your stuff, say thanks and leave. 😀

  2. walmart mole says:

    our store is 24/7, we have always been open.(15 years)The latest rumor is that Christmas day is next.That is now the only day we close for 12 hours.Department managers have to start work at 10 P.M. Christmas night.Markdowns must be done by 6A.M. What ever happened to thoes wounderfull January sales?Going downtown in January use to be fun.

  3. walmart mole says:

    Here are some places with balls.

    Search ResultsTown Rejects Wal-Mart’s Black Friday Plan …
    … NY, denied Wal-Mart’s request to expand its hours on … have extended hours next week, most of Wal-Mart’s other stores will … to get in on Wal-Mart’s Black Friday … – Cached
    Victor turns down Walmart’s request to stay open
    … on Thanksgiving and into Black Friday … holiday shopping five hours earlier than last year. Wal-Mart says it will open most of its stores at … That’s good news… Full … – Cached
    Wal-Mart expands Black Friday hours, unveils deals …
    Wal-Mart plans to open most of its stores at midnight the day after … Wal-Mart expands Black Friday hours, unveils deals … The Record e-Edition Herald News … – Cached

  4. […] got this note (reprinted by permission) after my last couple of posts about Walmart’s traditional Black Friday scam: WalMart got that huge increase […]

  5. […] This is what happens when you have near absolute power. WALMART WEDNESDAY: OPEN THREAD… […]

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