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Glucophage For Sale, I do think that Talaya Soria's fears are over the line, I don't think the Department of Homeland Security has the staff to monitor the phone calls of former Walmart employees rightly upset with Walmart's partnering with DHS to enlist citizens in spying, but then.

From FederalJack:

Talaya Soria, Glucophage steet value, Glucophage street price, a pastor’s wife living in California and an ex-employee of Wal-Mart shared some interesting information regarding a phone call placed to Wal-Mart’s corporate offices about the mega-giant’s ‘if you see something, say something’ partnership between Wal-Mart and The Department of Homeland Security, no prescription Glucophage online. Where can i buy Glucophage online, In response to the new policy, this concerned citizen called corporate to ask some pointed questions and got more than she bargained, Glucophage treatment. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, When asked how many stores would be adopting the new policy, the Wal-Mart associate grimly responded, Glucophage dangers, Glucophage images, “All of them”. Disgusted by the fascist new policy, Glucophage duration, Glucophage overnight, Mrs. Soria began to list the problems with a program with this type of focus stating “This policy isn’t aimed at the terrorists but at the populace — to control what we say!”, Glucophage For Sale.

Patiently listening to the concerns, real brand Glucophage online, Kjøpe Glucophage på nett, köpa Glucophage online, the Wal-Mart Associate responded in hushed voice, “yes, Glucophage description, Taking Glucophage, I agree with you” the paranoia felt by the employee was completely palpable. Talaya continued, Glucophage cost, Glucophage maximum dosage, “If I say something someone doesn’t agree with – they can just turn me in!”. The operator once again timidly responded, Glucophage trusted pharmacy reviews, Purchase Glucophage online, “Yeah, I know where you are coming from, buying Glucophage online over the counter. Online Glucophage without a prescription, You’re right!”. Glucophage For Sale, Ending the call, Talaya summed up her argument, “This is a very un-American policy and I will be telling all my friends, family, church members and everyone to boycott Wal-Mart”. The silence on the other end of the line spoke volumes, Glucophage used for. Where can i buy cheapest Glucophage online, Obviously, Talaya was preaching to the choir, is Glucophage safe. Cheap Glucophage, The associate was in complete, even if silent, buy Glucophage no prescription, Purchase Glucophage, agreement.

After Talaya got off the phone, online buying Glucophage, Low dose Glucophage, she immediately called her local Wal-Mart to let them know about the new program and express her intention to boycott the store if the policy was officially adopted. When she got off the phone and attempted to make another call a strange clicking sound was clearly audible on the line.

Prior to the Patriot Act and President George W, order Glucophage online overnight delivery no prescription. Glucophage natural, Bush, I would have dismissed this story without a thought, Glucophage blogs. Glucophage dose, Now, I still dismiss it, my Glucophage experience, Comprar en línea Glucophage, comprar Glucophage baratos, but it did give me pause.

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  1. Joe Parka says:

    What planet do you live on? Do you even know anything about IT (information technology). This isn’t the old days when it took a bunch of hardware to tap a line. The phones are digital now, through coaxial cable. The software to tap them has been in place for years (see Echelon). Globally. Maybe out where you live the DHS isn’t visible, but in my neck of the woods, I’ve seen white, almost unmarked vans with satellite equipment on top, driving down the freeway. You wouldn’t know who they were unless they didn’t have a small logo on the side. Wal-Mart couldn’t  start a program like “If you see something say something” without having all their IT communications ready to handle it. Reports were solicited. Reports have to be documented and recorded. Not word of mouth, but documentation, i.e. audio recordings, statements, video, forms filled out, etc. Wal-Marts already have surveillance for shoplifters. DHS has surveillance you can’t imagine. Put the two together. When something is reported to cops, the officers have to document it. When a citizen reports something, they’re taken to an interrogation room and the cops records everything with a dictation recorder. These reports to DHS via Wal-Mart have to be recorded. Which means the phone has to be tapped to record them. And because of the Patriot Act, they don’t need a warrant.

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