Freaking out the salesman.

Alright, let’s do gun control. From the Phoenix New Times:

As the story goes, Loughner bought ammunition used in the massacre at a local Walmart hours before the shooting. That, reportdly, was only after an employee at a different Walmart refused to sell the madman bullets.

Initial reports claimed that Loughner tried to buy ammunition from a Tucson Walmart. The salesman, it’s been reported, lied to Loughner, telling him he didn’t have the ammunition he was requesting. The reports claimed there was something about Loughner that — not in so many words — freaked out the salesman.

We want to know what about Loughner was so off-putting that Walmart refused to sell him ammo — but Walmart won’t discuss it.

Had Loughner gone to “Joe’s Gun Shack” instead of a different Walmart after getting rejected at Walmart, would Walmart employee number one be on every television station in America as one of the heroes connected to this incident or does Walmart not want to advertise that it will prevent anyone from buying ammunition on the basis of how they act?

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  1. UncleBob says:

    You know, I bet Joe would probably turn down someone if they acted in a way that “freaked” him out enough.

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