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Some topics on Facebook explode like this note by a Luke Bryant Amoxicillin For Sale, who had the time to shoot of a note to his account while waiting in line two days ago. In 48 hours 119, is Amoxicillin addictive, Purchase Amoxicillin online, 233 people tapped their like buttons and 5,133 took the time to comment, Amoxicillin price. Amoxicillin without a prescription,

Dear Wal-Mart Corporation,
Here's a money saving tip: you should stop building the 28 extra check-out lanes NEVER utilized in your stores and replace them with merchandise racks or elderly greeters, get Amoxicillin. Amoxicillin reviews, Any savings could be passed on to consumers like me.
Sincerely, Amoxicillin dose, Buy Amoxicillin without prescription, The 40th Guy in Line (been here for 20 minutes)

In the seven years The Writing On The Wal has existed, we have recieved a total of 10, Amoxicillin duration, Is Amoxicillin safe, 231 comments (and I'm responsible for 16 percent of those).

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  1. Catherine says:

    shame, shame shame on wal-mart. Give the woman her $100.00 back. What are wal-mart going to lose. I believw she is telling the truth, if not, donate. How could you do this to a customer in Michgan. What would Jesus do

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