Striking warehouse workers work for a company working for Walmart, but the distinction is a difference that makes no difference. Working conditions for warehouse workers are the 21st century equivalent of those endured by coal miners in Germinal and Wigan Pier. From The Guardian:
A group of workers at a warehouse that supplies Walmart stores have gone on strike to protest what they say are dangerous labour conditions and retaliation by management against employees who complain about them. Organisers for the activist group Warehouse Workers United, which is working in the booming warehouse industry that has grown up in the Inland Empire region of southern California, say at least 20 workers had walked off the job and were protesting outside the gates of a warehouse run by transport firm NFI. Labour abuses in the Inland Empire's warehouse industry have recently been highlighted in various media and academic reports. Experts say the industry, which is thought to employ some 110,000 people, is often staffed by poor, immigrant workers who toil for long hours with little pay and in unsafe conditions. One recent survey by the WWU and the University of California interviewed 101 workers and found that 83 of them said they had suffered a job-related illness. The striking workers at the NFI facility have filed an official complaint with California labour authorities on conditions that they say show inadequate safety protection, not enough access to drinking water in warehouses that can reach 125F on a hot day, and a management culture that bullies them.
I have read reports suggesting that the current strike by Chicago teachers is hurting the Democratic Party and President Barack Hussein Obama. I say fuck them both because, after courtinng the labor vote in 2008 with promises of full support for the Employee Free Choice Act, both have chosen to fuck labor. Jeff Hess: Have Coffee Will Write.


  1. UncleBob says:

    Curious – what are your overall thoughts on this year’s election?
    There are two main forums where I tend to talk political – one leans far left and gives me a lot of crap for my right-wing antics.  The other leans far right and gives me a lot of crap for my left-wing antics.
    In fact, right now, I’m engaged in a debate about throwing my vote away by not voting for Romney and voting third party.  I’d hate to tell these folks that if I wasn’t voting third party and someone was forcing me to vote by gunpoint, I’d probably vote Obama anyway…

  2. antic hue says:

    So, what are you doing to change the party that doesn’t support labor rights enough, Jeff? Kvetching on the web? Voting third party? While I’m sure those things feel good, they aren’t doing much to actually effect the thing you say is the most important thing to you. The de facto reality is that we will always have 2 viable parties in the United States, no more, and when a third pops up, it either subsumes one of the others, or gets subsumed itself.
    Considering that, the onus is on you to make the party what you want it to be, and you don’t do that by sitting in the back seat complaining about where you are going, or that you are getting out, you do it by getting your hands on the wheel.

  3. Jeff Hess says:

    Wow! You guys still love us (well just me these days). Thank you.

    Bob: As I did in 1996, I’m voting third party in 2012. I’m done forever with the Democratic Party because I’m not interested in voting for the candidate who represents the center-right of the Republican Party.

    Antic Hue: I’m putting my money and time behind Jill Stein for President and (if you check my primary blog, Have Coffee Will Write you’ll see) I’m very vocal about the reasons why the Democratic Party has left me.

    I don’t buy the “vote out of fear” rational. Remember, the Republican Party was originally a third-party that formed a coalition of abolitionist and populist voters to take the presidency in 1860.

    Thank you both for stopping in.

    Do all you can to make today a good day,


  4. Someone in USA says:

    Jeff, we’d likely love you more if you posted more frequently…

  5. Jeff Hess says:

    Good morning Someone,

    Funny you should say that.

    I’ve spent time over recent months contemplating just how I can best involve myself in the greater political environment, and, with Black Friday looming, I have concluded that devoting myself to the The Writing On The Wal brand not only serves that goal, but that my writing here does serve an important purpose of: rolling back the curtain on the Bentonvile Behemoth’s corporate disinformation and other flackery.

    Everyone should look for significant changes in the coming week.

    Thank you for the nudge.

    Do all you can to make today a good day,


    Have Coffee Will Write

  6. Barbara Andridge(Collins) says:


    I wanted to do my best about informing the public about the “Walmart workers striking on Black Friday” I work at Walmart and have for 7 years now. I also went on strike for the retaliation on the workers that have filed ULPs and at my store Placerville, CA I had a great turn out of associates and community members.

    There was also different labor movement organizations that participated too. I just wanted to also tell everyone that I enjoy stopping in and reading new and old post. This is one that I tell everyone to check out. It’s late so I will reply more tomorrow after work.

    At my store management stated “Anyone that goes on strike will be fired, no questions asked.”

    So I’m nervous to go back. I will hold my head high and walk through the doors at 11a.m. Have a good night.

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