Robert Reich writes:
What does the drama in Washington over the “fiscal cliff” have to do with strikes and work stoppages among America’s lowest-paid workers at Walmart, McDonald’s, Burger King, and Domino’s Pizza? Everything.
Tell your representatives in Washington to stop sucking up to very richest of Americans and start acting responsibly for the rest of us. Jeff Hess: Have Coffee Will Write.

2 Responses to “WALMART AND THE 15 PERCENT…”

  1. Linds says:

    It is my deepest wish that this company goes under or at the very least, allows its workers to have a union. I currently work there and I feel awful leaving there everyday. It is an understatement to say that we (the workers) are overworked and underpaid. You are also just a number, a tool to help line their pockets. When I would try to change my available work hours around my schooling, I was told by most of the managers that I should just “drop out because it’s really annoying having to schedule around school”. They also told my boyfriend to dump me because he’s a CSS (front end supervisor) and I am a floor associate — their problem with that is that I am not allowed to cashier while he’s working (liability issues). Oh, and they’ve told him and other numerous college kids to drop out of school as well. Whatever pretty picture they paint for the media about trying to better lives and help those in need is bullshit when you actually get inside the belly of the beast.

    Wishing for a change.

    • Jeff Hess says:

      Good morning Linds,

      Thank you for stopping in, for reading and, most importantly, for taking the time to write a comment and join the discussion. We create our communities with our conversations.

      I have no hope that Walmart will allow its workers to have a union, but I am always hopeful that Walmart’s workers will find the fortitude to join a union and demand their rights under current law. I know the task will be hard, but ensuring and protecting one’s rights never is.

      Do all you can to make today a better day,


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