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The original plans did not match city guidelines, and the company was given until Friday to submit revisions. When Walmart officials came before the Metro Louisville Planning Commission in December, the commission asked the company to consider design changes. Walmart said Friday that instead of making those changes, the company will ask the city to make some exceptions to its design standards. "The people in the area have to travel so far to be able to get the benefits that Walmart offers, so it would be right here in their community," business owner Terryl McCray said. McCray owns a business across the street from the proposed Walmart site at 18th Street and Broadway and said she is looking forward to having the store close by. Walmart's traditional layout, with a parking lot in front and a store in the back, doesn't meet the city code, which calls for buildings to be closer to Broadway. "It's their money. They should do it how they want to do it. And they've always done well with all the other Walmarts, so I don't see why they should make this one any different," business owner Amer Almussudi said.
I suspect that McCray and Almussuidi want the parking lot in front for two reasons, first, there own customers will take advantage of the vacant parking just across the street from their stores, and, the further away from their stores the Walmart is set back, the less imposing the store will be. Don't expect Louisville politicians to put up more than a token opposition, if that, after all, if laws aren't rewritten or simply ignored to benefit the Bentonvile Behemoth, what good are they? Jeff Hess: Have Coffee Will Write.

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