Savita Gill, Michelle Leung, and Annie Xu would like to give Walmart a pass when the matter of assigning culpability in the deaths of workers manufacturing products for the company's shelves die while working in unsafe conditions. Their reasoning runs like this:
Wal-Mart’s clothing line supplier contracts the production of the garment to a clothing company where it then contracts to a Bangladeshi manufacturer who then contracts to a local shop that makes clothes for multiple North American corporations. With so many levels of sub-contracting and the factories being half way around the world, Wal-Mart does not have the ability to have a say on how its clothing are made, nor could Wal-Mart walk into Bangladesh and start giving orders on how things should be done even if Wal-Mart wanted to.
I call bullshit. Of course Walmart has the ability to say how sub-sub-contractors make products for them. Walmart pays the bills and can demand any and all conditions management desires. Doing so, however, simply isn't in the best interests of Walmart shareholders since the management required would chip away at the billions upon billions of dollars the company rakes in each year and Walmart is only driven by one cause: maximizing shareholder value. Jeff Hess: Have Coffee Will Write.

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