You would think I would get tired of reporting about yet another triumph of a Walmart despoilment project over local businesses and private citizens desires to not have yet another Bentonvile Behemoth Big Box invade their community. I confess that there are times when that is true, but as long as one single family business keeps the doors open, then the war is not lost. Then there is the matter of one community that has discovered the poison pill that can keep Walmart out. In Michigan, meanwhile, another court case against Walmart expansion has been lost.
The Michigan Court of Appeals has declined to hear an appeal of a Muskegon judge's decision upholding Whitehall Township's approval of a site plan for a Wal-Mart superstore. In a one-sentence order dated Feb. 10, the appeals court "denied for lack of merit" an anti-Wal-Mart group's application for leave to appeal the July 2014 ruling by Muskegon County 14th Circuit Chief Judge William C. Marietti. Marietti on July 23 rejected an appeal of the township's site-plan approval filed by a group of seven White Lake-area residents and an anti-Wal-Mart group calling itself BOW NOT---Back Off Wal-Mart, Not Our Towns. BOW NOT and the residents went to circuit court in October 2013 to appeal the township planning commission's approval of a site plan for a 126,000-square-foot store on Holton-Whitehall Road at the southeast corner of the U.S. 31 interchange at Whitehall Road. They sued Whitehall Township, with Wal-Mart's real-state company later added as a defendant at the company's request. The Wal-Mart opponents could still seek leave to appeal to the Michigan Supreme Court. BOW NOT's attorney could not immediately be reached for comment Monday afternoon, Feb. 16, but spokespersons for the group have said in the past that they would fight the proposed development as long as possible.
Jeff Hess: Have Coffee Will Write.

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