Waltons – Self-made Billionaires

The USA is a wonderful place. You can start with nothing and become a billionaire. All you need to do is work hard and show some personal responsibility. Forbes has listed this years 400 richest people. Numbers one and two are Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. Both guys started from the ground up. Number 3 is Sheldon Adelson another self-made man. Larry Ellison and Paul Allen - self-made men. You can go to the Forbes link, click on these guys names and read about them. Moreover, Gates and Buffet are working as hard as possible to GIVE their fortunes away. Now look at Jim Walton (6), Christy Walton (7), S. Robson Walton (7), Alice Walton (9), and Helen Walton (11). Each of these people are worth over 15 billion dollars each. Now click on their names and read about them. Wonder of wonders, all you get to read about is ol Sam Walton, the guy that actually built the business and made the money. Yeah, sure, Jimbo runs the family banking business and Robby is the COB of WalMart, Christy and Helen married the money and Alice raises horses, but these are the people that Wal-Mart apologists admire as successful capitalists in the USA.

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