walmart nwimby The Writing On The Wal began life as No Cleveland Walmart back in 2005 in response to what would become the first, and only, Walmart within the city limits of Cleveland. No story has become more ubiquitous in my reading than the repetition of: residents fight to keep Walmart out of their neighborhood, residents loose fight to keep Walmart out of their neighborhood, Walmart pockets piles of plunder. There are so many such stories that I've decided to simply tally the headlines each week and only write about a story when the meme goes off the rails as happened in Plymouth, Minnesota.
  • Could a Wal-Mart replace the Keno Drive-in?
  • Bel Air South residents still fighting for traffic safety...
  • DeBary Wal-Mart opponents sue to stop store‚Äôs construction
  • Jeff Hess: Have Coffee Will Write.

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