Recently the world of techogeekdom took notice of Walmart and added a discussion forum to the popular Reddit website. The very first question posed was this: Why is it cheaper for me to order something on Wal-Mart's website and pickup the same item in the same store VS me going to the same store and getting the item myself? Good question. The obvious answer is that Walmart Online doesn't have to maintain a bricks-and-mortar presence filled(semi-filled (kind of filled)) with employees earning at least $9 an hour. Here's what one Reddite replied;
Walmart.com is technically a seperate entity from walmart. The prices online are competing with other online retailers(note - amazon) where as in the store we are not competing with a brick and mortar amazon. Strange, walmart matches walmart.com prices as long as its not a third party vendor, so you should have gotten the item for that price. Is this a turtle beach headphone by chance? One of my guys in electronics had a customer with turtle beach headphones that were cheaper online(i believe its the price point you are talking about). To get a price match from walmart.com, the item has to be IN STOCK for store pickup AND to be ordered to YOUR house. If it is OOS for either options we can not match the price. The walmart # doesn't HAVE to match... because I'm sure guys in electronics know this very well.. The walmart item # online VS what the telxon will tell you could very well be different. Armed with this knowledge, you should head to the store and try to get the price matched. When they say they can't, call them on their bullshit. If they still refuse, get an assistant manager or above. If they state that the policy I have given you is incorrect, ask for a higher up manager until you are dealing with the store manager. If by that point they haven't just given it to you for the price because they want you gone(and you are in the right/they are in the wrong) - you'll want to get the information to contact their market manager. Now if you threaten to contact their MM and they STILL haven't given it to you for that price, let the MM know(nicely or not, doesn't matter at this point) about the policy Walmart holds on matching walmart.com and store # XXXX and CSM X, ASM X, CO MNGR X, AND the Store manager X all denied you the price(or if you got the item, were denying you the price because the policy you have is wrong and they just wanted to get you out). The MM will NOT be happy to here that not only did they fail to follow policy, they wasted much, much more time dealing with you when they should have just done it to get you out. Of course, you don't have to take it this far... But it's nice to play games with people who play games with you. As an employee, I can't talk shit to you or anything. But I can have AP trail you, be extra nice, spark up some bullshit conversation to get you more mad. As a customer, you can make our(well, upper management lol) world a living hell by having the MM come bitch at us.
Clearly, if you're making a significant purchase, say more than $20, then you need to check online, possibly print out the price and take the copy with you to the store. Jeff Hess: Have Coffee Will Write.


  1. Jeff Hess says:

    This is the first of my posts to be picked up by Topix.

  2. mary jo says:

    Excellent. But I am having a hard time finding it on Topix.

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