brick in the walmart Kipp Pietrantonio earned his Ph.D. in psychology from the University of North Dakota and now works for the Counseling and Consultation Service of Ohio State University (I refuse, as a proud Bobcat, to add a pretentious article to the school's name). Pietrantonio's buddy Keith Mcintosh holds a master's in sociology. Together the make a stab at a Click And Clackesque podcast on world news, pop culture, important people and the world of social science. In episode 15, Another Brick In Walmart, they unleash their raillery on the good and bad of Wal*Mart and how big box stores represent the peak of capitalism. This isn't scholarly work, they're having fun. What I found interesting, however, was that they felt that Walmart was such a behemoth (their word) that they could talk with each other for an hour and not need meaningfully prepare. Think of Linda Richman prompting: "Walmart, the good and the bad, discuss." In other headlines today: Ocala Residents upset with proposal to build Walmart Walmart's Opportunity to Change the Game with Suppliers Jeff Hess: Have Coffee Will Write.

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