Doug McMillon is using carrots over sticks to convince that unionizing is not in their best interest, and my family experience with non-union companies is evidence that such a strategy can work, but Walmart may be in too deep a hole. The Daily Dot helps to dig the hole a little deeper.
Walmart and unions go together like oil and water. The retail giant’s famous anti-union policies are nothing new and appear to be getting worse all the time. As further proof of this, a new Walmart training video leaked online has illustrated the specific propaganda the company feeds their employees to prevent them from organizing. In a particularly revealing sound bite from the video, the company explains, “Our company prefers to have open and direct communication with our associates—we don’t think a labor union is necessary here. And because our associates have said time after time that they don’t want a union, we usually don’t spend a lot of time talking about them.” All of this comes on the heels of Walmart shutting down five stores in four states for “plumbing problems,” an excuse many are interpreting as “union problems.” In terms of labor regulations, Walmart is basically the Michael Jordan of retail chains. At one point, it was estimated that they were receiving around 5,000 lawsuits a year from workers at Walmart and Sam’s Club stores alike. This is why criticism of Walmart has become about as common the store itself; the Wikipedia page on this very subject is not what you would call light reading. It’s important that people remember just how toxic Walmart’s views on unions are, but it’s also important not to forget all of their other equally problematic corporate policies. For Walmart, unions are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to atrocities.
So, what is on this particular Top 10 List:
  1. Walmart hurts local communities
  2. Walmart uses foreign labor, including child workers
  3. Walmart underpays women and neglects pregnant workers
  4. Walmart discriminates against elderly and disabled workers
  5. Walmart isn't a safe environment for employees
  6. Walmart is notorious for wage theft
  7. Walmart provides poor healthcare for workers
  8. Walmart has a bad track record on animal welfare
  9. However, Walmart does care about rich people
  10. Walmart has a deceptive public image
Salon ran with the story but trimmed the list to seven and generalized the hits to large retailers in general. A good economy makes keeping workers placid and respectful out of fear for having any job difficult, but the Walmart experience can serve as a reminder to not mess up when your life is going well. Jeff Hess: Have Coffee Will Write.

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