walmart sam's desk 150706 Back when I was a business editor and interviewing CEOs on a regular basis, I always liked to snap a few pictures of their offices to get a sense of what kind of person they were. You might expect that they would tidy up the office, but I regularly found that not to be the case. My working hypothesis was that people who become heads of companies have big egos---that is not necessarily bad, just what I think of as prerequisite---and they assume that people are focusing on them and not their surroundings, which is a big reason precisely why I took the pictures. Visiting the Walmart Museum website this morning, I found myself drawn to Sam Walton's office. I haven't spoken with the museum's curator, but I would think that the desk we see has more to do with the image that Walmart wishes to project about the mythic Sam Walton, that it does with Sam Walton the man. What do you find interesting on Sam's desk? In other news today: Can You Guess Which Grocery Store Sells The Most Affordable Organic Food? (Hint: It's Not Costco) Jeff Hess: Have Coffee Will Write.

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