Walmart's re-invigoration of the Made in the USA campaign has attracted attention downunder where writer Nick Carey thinks: Wal-Mart is taking its 'Made in America' initiative to the extreme. (Not really, to be fair, headlines are almost never written by reporters but by someone on the copy desk with a click-bait mandates.) What caught my attention was a paragraph about a third of the way into the story where Carey writes:
Jeff Kjar and Shellie Slade of Utah-based Elk Management had a tougher time pitching their American-made clothing line to five Walmart executives gathered in a 10 foot by 12 foot windowless room. Kjar said Elk was willing to build a new factory to handle Walmart business, but they could not compete with a $US1.68 camisole the retailer currently sells. The executives, who included Walmart category director for ladies apparel Kellie Mullins and David Adams, a divisional merchandise manager, responded that Walmart customers expect $US1.68 camisoles, but will also pay higher prices for better-quality clothing.
I'm sorry, shoppers looking for better-quality merchandise at a Walmart are about as rare as compassionate conservatives. Jeff Hess: Have Coffee Will Write.

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