In reading yet another story about Walmart battling local governments, this time the matter involved on-again, off-again, on-again liquor permits in Pomona California, I came up short at in the third paragraph:
On May 28th, I sent a letter to the City asking for the withdrawal of the alcohol conditional use permit for the (Walmart) Neighborhood Market,” the letter from Wal-Mart attorney Alicen Wong said. “Walmart submitted the withdrawal in an attempt to focus exclusively on the entitlements [emphasis mine, JH] for the expansion of the store at 80 Rio Rancho Road” referring to the unsuccessful effort to expand the south Pomona Wal-Mart.
Here I thought entitlements was a bad word in the world of business. I guess when corporations use the word, the connotation is a good one. Note to self: corporations always play by their rules. Case in point: Texas, Wal-Mart waiting on judge’s decision to dismiss suit over ‘irrational’ liquor ban. Jeff Hess: Have Coffee Will Write.

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