(Previously in WALMART IS GREEN, GREENBACK GREEN... Part I, Part II.) Yesterday I began to examine Naomi Klein's reporting on Walmart's ties to Big Green---the cadre of once-environmental groups perverted by the lure of money and access provided by the worst of the polluters. Klein concludes:
And this is the heart of the issue---not simply that a group that gets a large portion of its budget from the Walton family fortune is unlikely to be highly critical of Walmart. The 1990s was the key decade when the contours of the climate battle were being drawn---when a collective strategy for rising to the challenge was developed and when the first wave of supposed solutions was presented to the public. It was also the period when Big Green became most enthusiastically pro-corporate, most committed to a low-friction model of social change in which everything had to be "win-win." And in the same period many of the corporate partners of groups like the EDF and the Nature Conservancy---Walmart, FedEx, GM---were pushing hard for the global degregulatory framework that has done so much to send emission soaring.
In light of this, consider the international markets into which Walmart has expanded since the '90s---China, Central America, Russia, Africa, India---and compare their environmental regulations to our own. Jeff Hess: Have Coffee Will Write.

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