I once read all of Moby Dick in one week, all 638 pages, 135 chapters, for a college class. I hadn't procrastinated, the professor simply gave us that much time. That was only 91 pages, or so, a day. That load pales before what Walmart is asking of the citizens of Lake Elsinore, California. The Bentonvile Behemoth dumped a 5,400-page environmental impact report on citizens, allowing them only 45 days to read and comment on the report. That's 120 pages a day, seven days a week for six weeks.. I'm a fast reader and I would need at least six hours, one-quarter of my day, to read that much. Michael Williams writing in Lake Elsinore: Light reading? 5,400-page Walmart EIR available for The Press-Enterprise reports:
Plans for a new Wal-Mart Supercenter in Lake Elsinore have been available to the public for two years. Now, residents can see the environmental impact analysis and supporting studies – all 5,400 pages of them – for the project in the northeastern section of the city. As expected, some favor the plan … and some do not. “I think it’s going to bring property values down,” said Mike Matthews, who would be neighbors with the store if built. “I also think the effect on the neighborhood is going to be even worse. It’s bad enough that we’ve already got shopping carts strewn around and homeless everywhere. It’s going to bring more traffic congestion.” Others, however, expressed support when Wal-Mart representatives submitted the application in July 2013. The retail giant also plans to build a store in Wildomar, while shutting down its southern Lake Elsinore site. The plan on Central is to erect a 154,487-square-foot Supercenter and two small retail buildings on an 18-acre lot facing Central and stretching along Cambern to Third Street, a dirt road.
I suspect, but do not know, that the 45-day reading period is boiler plate, a standard six-week review period more suitable for construction variances and the like. Reading the very dense document and all the appendices would be enough to make a patent attorney weep. Jeff Hess: Have Coffee Will Write.

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