Yesterday I noted that in a list of reasons why Walmart's revenues didn't climb in 2015, Amazon is mentioned in 40 percent of the reasons. That's no coincidence. Amazon is the single greatest threat in the near term to the Walton family fortunes and they fully understand that the company is gunning for Walmart. Walmart is fighting back. The question is have they lost the fight already. Phil Wahba, writing in Walmart's Plan to Catch Amazon? Vastly Expand Its Online Assortment for Fortune, explores the horse race:
Walmart might be one of the largest online retailers around, but its assortment is pretty limited compared to that of main rival So the company will collaborate with ChannelAdvisor, a company that brings together stores and brands in online marketplaces, to significantly increase the merchandise its sells online, Reuters reported on Wednesday. As of now, Walmart’s online assortment is made up 9 million different kinds of items (stock keeping units, or SKU’s in retail jargon). That’s much more than the 7 million in June and 700,000 just a few years ago. But it’s also a far cry from the 200 million products for sale on Amazon. (The typical Walmart supercenter stocks 150,000 SKU’s.) According to the Reuters report, the partnership with ChannelAdvisor will make it easier for the thousands of retailers and vendors work with that company to get their products sold on
Is that enough? Can Walmart catch and keep pace with, let alone out distance, the competition? Jeff Hess: Have Coffee Will Write.

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