Two mentions of a presidential candidate endorsement crossed my desk this morning that, while I sure she is glad to have the nod, Hillary most likely wishes the leg-up stayed under the radar. The first comes from the far-right propaganda machine, The Reason Foundation. Headlined Hooray for Hillary Clinton's Ties to Walmart, reasonista and editor of Future of Capitali$m, Ira Stoll ledes:
Senator Bernie Sanders is emailing supporters highlighting the fact that his opponent in the Democratic presidential primary, Hillary Clinton, is being supported by "enormous checks from people like Alice Walton (yes, Wal-Mart)." And it is true. Federal campaign finance records show that Walton, of Bentonville, Arkansas, gave Hillary Clinton’s campaign $2,700, and then wrote another check, for $353,400, to the "Hillary Victory Fund." The support for Clinton’s campaign represents something of a political shift for Walton. Previously, her large donations had mainly gone to Republicans. The Federal Election Commission records show she donated a total of $200,000 in 2011 and 2012 to a committee backing Mitt Romney, a Republican presidential candidate, and a total of $2 million in 2004 to a group supporting President George W. Bush’s reelection. Additional contributions of more than $150,000 in the past dozen years have gone to groups supporting Republican candidates for the House and Senate. Sen. Sanders seems to think that voters who view Walmart as the embodiment of evil will be horrified to learn of Walton’s support for Clinton. Maybe some voters will indeed recoil at the news. But as an optimist and as a supporter of free markets, I view it as a hopeful sign that Clinton is returning to her senses about Walmart. "Returning" is the key word, because there is a substantial history here. As the New York Sun reported in a 2006 editorial, when Clinton’s husband was an Arkansas politician and she was the real breadwinner in the family, she served, between 1986 and 1992, as a member of Walmart's corporate board of directors. By 2006, when Clinton was serving as a United States senator from New York, she returned a $5,000 contribution from the Walmart political action committee, explaining via an aide that she had "serious differences" with the company’s practices.
The New York Sun picked up Stoll's column and was kind enough to include a Colbertesque photo of Stoll Since Stoll puts Bernie, and not Hillary in his lede, he hopes to taint Hillary just enough so that the Democratic Socialist (code for Stalinist fellow traveler) Bernie will get the nomination and be easily trounced by Trump, Cruz, Kasich or the Audio-Animatronic figure of Ronald Reagan borrowed from the Hall of Presidents. Sadly, since Bernie polls better than any of these (although the vigor of Reagon's animatronic does make it the hardest to beat) Stoll's hit piece only helps the Senator from Vermont. Jeff Hess: Have Coffee Will Write.


  1. UncleBob says:

    So, how do you see November playing out?

    • Jeff Hess says:

      Good morning Bob,

      Here’s what I want to have happen: Bernie beats Hillary and goes on to become president.

      Here’s what I think likely as of this morning: Trump takes the nomination on the second ballot and goes on to beat Hillary 55 percent to 30 percent with Bernie taking 10 percent as a protest write-in on the left, and the Green Party/others getting 5 percent)—in the general election.



  2. UncleBob says:

    I know this will come as a complete shock to you, but I agree with your dream scenario. Voted Sanders in the primary. I disagree with a lot of his positions, but I can get behind any candidate that wants to cut down the American Global War Machine.

    With that said, short of Hillary getting indicted (I’d love to know the Vegas odds on that), Sanders getting the nom is quite unlikely. And even getting the nom, I just can’t see him taking it. 🙁

    Clinton v Trump. Whichever wins, America loses. I’ll be voting third party again this year. Trump, I shouldn’t even have to reason. Clinton… Man, I just can’t trust her. Maybe the vast right-wing conspiracy has just totally brainwashed me… but just listening to her talk makes my skin crawl.

    One thing is for sure… Trump isn’t going to play by established rules. He’s going to pull all the stops and anything in Clinton’s closet is going to come out against her.

    Someone on Reddit said it best. Trump and Clinton will be debating and Trump will say “I know she can be bought. I have the receipts.”

    Makes me miss Stewart on The Daily Show.

  3. techie says:

    Odds makers currently has Clinton becoming president at 71%. Which of course precludes an indictment. Which goes to show you can buy the presidency if not love!

    • Jeff Hess says:

      Good afternoon techie,

      First, thank you for stopping in, for reading and, most importantly, for taking the time to leave a comment. We build our communities with our conversations.

      Second, I would place the chance of Hillary being indicted at somewhere south of 0 percent.

      Third, odds are a strange beast (I teach higher math) so the numbers are all over place. I pulled this up in about two seconds:

      Trump is given a 71% chance of winning the Republican nomination, says the Election Betting Odds website. (Using data from online casino betfair.com, the site averages the current “bid” and “ask” prices to come up with the implied odds.)

      Clinton is given an 87% chance of sealing the Democratic nomination by the site.

      She also is favored to win the general election by 55%.

      That could flip tomorrow, next week, next month or in the Fall. I feel safer betting on something honest like professional wrestling.


      • UncleBob says:

        >Second, I would place the chance of Hillary being indicted at somewhere south of 0 percent.

        Curious, is this because you think she did nothing illegal or because you believe her to be “to big to jail”?

        • Jeff Hess says:


          I think the people who hate Hillary, and who have the ability to get her indicted through back channels, are too smart to make a martyr out of her.

          There are few better ways that I can think of to get her a huge boost in popularity than to put the vast right-wing conspiracy (remember Vince Foster?) front and center.


          • UncleBob says:

            Sadly, this would mean that the FBI is totally swayed by politics instead of actions.

            Which wouldn’t surprise me one bit – just wish there was a good way to fix this. 🙁

  4. Jeff Hess says:


    Of course the FBI is swayed by politics. When since the bureau’s inception in 1908, has that not been the case?

    As to a good way to fix this, the only way has ever been for We The People to organize and take back our Country from the Masters/Billionaires/Bosses.

    In our lives, that began with Occupy Wall Street and has continued with the campaign to elect Bernie Sanders. I know that the struggle will not end with Bernie, but with each round of organizing we take a step closer to realizing the goal of a equitable society.


    • UncleBob says:

      Have we gotten anywhere though?

      Occupy really seemed to fall flat. It doesn’t seem to have accomplished a thing – and the decentralized lack of a message really hurt it.

      Electing Bernie… Well, we can see that hasn’t gone far – and has gotten him and his supporters labed as “left wing tea party extremists”.

      Maybe I’m expecting results too quickly, but it seems we’re not making any progress – and in my opinion, it’s because people don’t seem to know where to focus (which, again, IMO, is making changes in the government… but we elected the same guy who gift-wrapped the health insurance industry a giant present while screwing over the citizens…)

  5. Jeff Hess says:


    I agree, you’re expecting results too quickly.

    After the disastrous defeat in 1964 of one of the great luminaries and intellectual minds of the Republican Party it took the GOP 16 years to get to phase one of what would become the Reagan Revolution, which might have happened sooner but for the impatience that gave rise to the Nixon administration.

    I think we have come quite far in this century and that the Occupy movement accomplished a great deal because I see that protest as the direct cause of the extraordinary crowds at Bernie’s rallies. I hope we don’t make the same mistake the Repubilcans did in 1968 and elect Hillary out of frustration.

    Mao Tse Tung understood the value of the long march. So should we.


  6. Jeff Hess says:


    There is never a shortage of options.


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