Yes, I know, Walmart is not the only bad actor in this story. The headline on Jane Reed's story---Wal-Mart, Sysco And Fancy Feasts May Be Getting Their Products From Slaves clearly tells the reader that the link goes beyond the Bentonvile Behemoth. Reed goes further in the body of her story to list The supply chain trail led the reporting team to add Safeway, Albertsons, and Iams to the list of companies trafficking in slave-produced seafood items. Reed ledes:
An 18-month investigation was led by Martha Mendoza of the Associated Press, into the hidden world behind seafood distribution in America. Mendoza's investigative journalism earned her a Pulitzer Prize for Public Service. She exposed the use of slave labor in South East Asia. Hari Sreenivasan sat down with the Associated Press reporter Martha Mendoza to discuss the shocking expose that freed over 2,000 slaves after the report was made public. According to PBS, Mendoza tracked the widespread use of slave labor in South East Asia that supplies the various seafood products and items in American restaurants and supermarkets.
This would be a good time for Walmart CEO Doug McMillon to first, announce the severing of ties will all companies and individuals uncovered in the story; second, remove all products from the shelves; and third, offer a full refund to all customers, with valid receipts, who return already purchased merchandise to the stores. That would be the right action to take. Jeff Hess: Have Coffee Will Write.

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