So, the cashier Frank Swanson started a new job at one of Walmart's competitors. In today's litigious society, mega corporations like Walmart have to have meticulous, lawyer-approved, rules and regulations in place where matters of hiring and firing are concerned. Sometimes, however, the rules, devoid of any human touch, can backfire. Donald Bradley, reporting in Fired by Wal-Mart, Ozark town’s favorite checker becomes a star for The Kansas City Star writes:
A month ago, Frank Swanson was a checker, pretty much a lifer, at Wal-Mart in West Plains, Mo. He’s 52, disabled and long known for smiles and hugs. Shoppers loved him. They would purposely get in his line because they wanted to visit with Frank. But then came April 2, the day of the gallon jug of Red Diamond Sweet Tea and the end of Frank the checkout guy. Turned out all those hugs and a keen memory for grocery prices made for a volatile cocktail. At least in the way the big-box corporate world played out in this small Ozarks town. Frank got fired that day. Since then, 800 or so people have attended a rally for him in the store’s parking lot, his name has bounced around social media all over the world, somebody held up a sign with Frank’s name at an Atlanta Braves baseball game, and Jimmy Fallon gave him a shoutout on “The Tonight Show.” Frank’s termination could be headed to court, and Wal-Mart had to issue a statement explaining to West Plains what happened to the town’s favorite checker. All this because a woman in Frank’s line that day wanted to buy a gallon of the sweet tea. She told Frank a store in a neighboring town had a sale price that Wal-Mart was supposed to match. She didn’t have the ad, as required, but she didn’t need it with Frank. He’d always made it a point to keep up with prices at other stores, so he let her have it at the sale price. That got Frank called in and fired after nearly 20 years. “The bosses said I made up an imaginary price,” he said Thursday. Frank went to Willow Springs and got an issue of a local paper that showed he was right about the price of tea. For the record, the other store had the tea on special for $1.98. Wal-Mart’s price: $2.78.
I'm thinking saving that 80-cents is going to be very costly for Walmart. Jeff Hess: Have Coffee Will Write.

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