Yeah, that's how I feel after writing about Walmart, and protests by local residents when the Bentonvile Behemoth threatens to come to town, for more than a decade. The Writing On The Wal, nee No Cleveland Walmart, began as just one such protest in the Spring of 2005 and over the years communities have reached out to me to ask: how do we stop Walmart from ruining our community? I don't offer them much hope. There are rare success stories, like in Westbrook a dozen years ago, but as I think on the question this morning I want to take a line from one of my favorite writers and paraphrase his advice on writing: Stopping a Walmart is a kind of guerrilla warfare; there is no vacation,, no leave, no relief. In actuality there is very little chance of victory. The potential for failure, or even futility, however, is never an acceptable excuse for abandoning a just cause. Mosley concludes: I am, I fear, likely to be defeated by my fondest dreams. Then the next day comes and my cause is waiting. I pick up where I left off, in the cool and shifting mists of the morning. Jeff Hess: Have Coffee Will Write.

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