I've written before applauding Walmarts stance on GLBTQ rights, and only last Friday I again said that Walmart is on the right side of this issue. That is why Tom Tillison's piece surprised me a bit because he suggests that Walmart hopes to maintain a low profile until the smoke clears. Good luck with that. Tillison, reporting in Walmart’s transgender bathroom policy starts to get noticed as Target boycott blows past one million for Bizpac Review writes:
Perhaps hoping to avoid the firestorm of controversy competitor Target is experiencing over its pro-transgender “inclusivity” policy, Walmart is being tight-lipped about its stance on the issue. There are at least 30 companies with transgender-friendly company policies, but few are experiencing the backlash that Target is seeing after the nation’s second largest retailer said transgender customers and employees can use whichever bathroom or fitting room they prefer.
The homophobes behind the Walmart buycott---not this buycott, this buycott---encouraging shoppers to shun the demonic Target and spend their money at the angelic Walmart. That may work, for them, but the results for Walmart will be nothing but bad. Jeff Hess: Have Coffee Will Write.

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