The time for Walmart to get on the right side of bathroom use by transgender customers is past. Every day that goes by only worsens the effect of the inevitable decision to follow the lead of Target and other stores serving the public. The homophobic scaremongers raising vision of pedophile predators cross dressing to gain access to children in store bathrooms is simply ludicrous and Walmart needs to stand up for what is right. Full stop. Kevin Carneglia, reporting in In Wake Of Target Store Controversy, What Are Walmart's And Other Stores' Stance On Transgender Bathroom Policies? for Inquisitr, writes:
Some retailers are remaining Switzerland-like in the debate by staying out altogether. Western Journalism found that Target rival Walmart has remained quiet on the topic, adding that many consumers are choosing to give Walmart their business instead as a protest against Target.
If that is the case, then the only way to get Walmart's attention is to let the Bentonvile Behemoth know just how many customers support Target's stance by informing headquarters---via email or phone:800.925.6278---that they intend to shop at only GLBTQ-friendly retailers Call or email today: operators are standing by.

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