walmart greeter 160508 When Sam Walton instituted the practice of hiring, often kindly and retired, people to stand at the doors of his stores and greet people, he found a way to take the most impersonal edifices imaginable---a big box store---and make them, for at least a moment, seem human and friendly. Four years ago the company moved those greeters away from the entrances and back into the stores where they got lost in the shuffle. Perhaps boosted by the story of Frank Swanson (Yeah, no, I get that the timing is too close; there is no way Walmart could react that quickly, but I like mentioning Frank one more time) or other concerns, cough shoplifting cough Walmart announced on Wednesday that the greeters are coming back. A Walflack writes:
Of all the aspects that make up a great shopping experience, there’s one that sets the tone right away: The first few steps inside the door. We’ve been working to welcome customers to an improved Walmart for some time now, and of the countless details we’ve taken a look at, a key piece has been better utilizing an important role – our greeters. Last year, we launched a pilot program that in many stores, moved our greeters from action alley back to the front door, and in others, introduced a brand-new position: customer host, an associate who greets customers, but also checks receipts where appropriate, [emphasis mine, JH] assists with returns and helps keep entrances clean and safe.
Let's just hope that the greeters/security personnel are better trained than Trevor King. Jeff Hess: Have Coffee Will Write.

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