The wet dream of any individual in the public arena, or any corporation desirous of only good press, is to own a media outlet that people trust: think NBC and General Electric or Rupert Murdoch and Fox News. Over the years Walmart has attempted to broadcast a friend vibe, but that hasn't always worked as in the cases of Walmarting Across America and Working Families For Walmart. The Bentonvile Behemoth doesn't give up, however.
At some point last year, Walmart’s senior director Chad Mitchell noticed that the only way the world’s biggest company spoke to its customers was through a stale website that was only updated once or twice a year. That’s a problem for anyone, but doubly for Walmart as it deals with persistent brand problems: Walmart routinely ranks at the bottom of the retail sector when it comes to reputation, mostly due to reports of underpaying its workers, relying on goods from China and driving mom-and-pop stores out of business. “A static corporate website doesn’t do much to foster a conversation,” said Mitchell. What was required was a full-on messaging blitz.
Now there's an image that I bet Mitchell is going to want to roll back real fast. Can anyone think of a positive image associated with the word blitz? Too historical? How about this take on blitz? Still not local enough? Then there's this... Back to the wordsmiths, and while you're there, think about the fall out from this episode in public relations. Good luck with that. Jeff Hess: Have Coffee Will Write.Walmart, Wal-Mart

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