The fight for basic human rights expanded in Connecticut when a woman, with short hair, glasses and wearing a baseball cap, was asked to leave a Walmart bathroom. The bathrooms, particularly women's bathrooms (so I'm told) all have stalls. Nobody sees nobody's genitals. The ignorant bigots need to get a grip. For those of you who don't think Facebook is too weird, you can follow Aimée Toms. She's also expanding on YouTube. Bradford Richardson, reporting in Woman wrongly accused of being transgender is kicked out of Wal-Mart bathroom for The Washington Times, writes:
A Connecticut woman with short hair says she was mistaken for a transgender woman and told to leave a Wal-Mart bathroom. Aimee Toms, 22, posted a video to Facebook on Friday recounting the incident, saying a woman confronted her in the restroom and told her to leave. “She said, ‘You are not supposed to be here. You need to leave,’” Ms. Toms said. “So at first I was like, ‘Does she think I work at a different store, and I shouldn’t be in this bathroom?’ So I said, ‘Yes I do,’ and then she flipped me off, and she was like, ‘You’re disgusting,’ and stormed out. “She just thought I was somebody who was transgender, and she thought I was a dude who was hiding in the women’s bathroom,” she said. Ms. Toms, who has glasses and short brown hair, also said she was wearing a baseball cap at the time. The nation is in the middle of a heated debate about transgender access to restrooms. In response to a Charlotte city ordinance, North Carolina enacted a law regulating public facilities on the basis of biological sex.
So, are people going to need to give blood or hair sample before being directed to the appropriate bathrooms?

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