walmart circle of hell 160519 Earlier this week I speculated that Walmart's decision to build eight new distribution centers directly purposed for the expansion of the Bentonvile Behemoths online competition with Amazon was like adding eight rings to Dante's Inferno. This morning I read the news from Brevard County, Florida, that the county commissioners there voted a $3.74 million tax break for Walmart to build one of those centers. That however was not the bit that really caught my attention in Brevard Times' story. This was:
Wal-Mart has been increasing its number of distribution and fulfillment centers while closing retail locations [Emphasis mine, JH] across Florida, along with the rest of the United States, as the retail giant evolves its brick-and-mortar business model to more online shopping and shipping.
How many of these centers will the Sunshine State (yes, the irony is intended) get? As we repeat at Pesach, that would have been enough, but a second bit also made me sit up:
Wal-Mart's distribution center is expected to create 239 jobs over the next three years with an average annual wage of $42,421.
I suspect that Walmart is playing the mean vs. the median game here, but either the top end has to be really up there or the drones on the warehouse floor are getting paid a lot more than their counterparts in other warehouses. Even working 40 hours a week at $15 an hour, the paychecks would only show a gross of a little more than $30,000 and I find that very unlikely. Jeff Hess: Have Coffee Will Write.

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