Two weeks ago I mentioned that Walmart is making changes to the front-end of the store, but this morning I read a post from The Answer Man at the Rochester, Minn., Post-Bulletin that seems to tell a different story.
Dear All Knowing and Extremely Wise Answer Man, I have it on very good authority that the greeters at both Wal-Mart stores in Rochester are being told that they're being replaced by security officers. Their last day of work should be July 8 or thereabouts. Many of them are disabled and/or elderly and certainly need these jobs. Please check into this for me. Thank you. ---Sharon Schultz I consider myself the Post-Bulletin greeter — may I help you find something? — so it's painful for me to report that yes, it appears changes are ahead for greeters at the local Wal-Marts. A reliable source tells me that employees have been informed that greeters will be replaced by security personnel to control "shrinkage," also known as shoplifting. According to some reports, Wal-Mart loses about 1 percent of U.S. revenue, or about $3 billion a year, to employee and customer theft. This source also tells me that greeters may be offered jobs elsewhere in the stores, but as Sharon notes, many greeters are elderly or have disabilities that may limit their ability to take other jobs.
Hmmm...? So, which is the real story? Are greeters coming back or going away. Inquiring minds want to know. Jeff Hess: Have Coffee Will Write.

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