Wal-Mart’s ‘New’ Attendance Policy

Wal-Mart Watch and Wake Up Wal-Mart are touting an article from the Wall Street Journal discussing the company's "new" attendance policy.
The new policy instructs employees requesting time off for illness to call an 800 number to get a code and then relay that code to their store manager for approval of their absence. Previously, employees asked their store manager directly for such time off, employees say. In addition, the new policy formalizes penalties for employees who fail to get their absences authorized or don't bother to call. Among them: Any employee with more than three unauthorized absences in a six-month span will be disciplined, and those with seven will be fired. Any employee who is absent three times during a six-month period and doesn't call the 800 number for any of the three times can be fired. And employees needing more than three consecutive sick days are encouraged to apply for an unpaid leave of absence or time off under the Family Medical Leave Act. Previously, store managers had more discretion regarding discipline for unexcused absences.
The union groups are attacking the policy change as an injustice against Wal-Mart's employees. Wake Up Wal-Mart's Chris Kofinis went so far as to claim that it "just sends another terrible message that this company looks at its workers as a commodity." I hate to break it to you, Chris, but there isn't much here that's new. The attendance policy that has been in effect since 1998 allowed three absences in a rolling six month period. A fourth resulted in a verbal coaching; a fifth in a written coaching; a sixth in a decision day. A seventh absence resulted in termination. Three tardies counted as an absence. Three consecutive days of missing work counted as only one absence. Three "no call, no shows" was grounds for immediate dismissal. None of this has changed. An associate can miss as many as 18 days in six months and keep his or her job. I don't see anything unreasonable about this. The only thing that has changed is the addition of the 800 number. Wal-Mart's critics seem to think that this innovation is part of a diabolical scheme to force out the elderly and the sick. This couldn't be further from the truth. Bentonville is trying to eliminate the lost productivity that results from excessive absenteeism -- they are trying to save money. The only people who will find the new system problematic are those who took advantage of the system (You know, the people who find a reason to miss a day every week.). With all the focus on the exaggerated negatives of the tracking system, everyone is ignoring the positives: 1. It lightens the load on the workers who do come in. Wal-Mart's staffing isn't that great to begin with, but when people call in there is more work for everyone. Breaks and lunches often end up late (or *gasp* skipped!). The customers have to wait longer and have even more difficulty getting service on the sales floor. Everyone will benefit from the decreased call-ins. 2. It curbs favoritism. We've all seen it. The boss likes Sally, so he looks the other way when she takes that extra day off, but when Joe does it, he gets in trouble. Since it's being tracked by Bentonville, Sally and the manager can't get away with this anymore. 3. It protects associates. The old system depended on management answering the call and making note that the associate wasn't coming in. When managers are busy, they often don't have time to write it down and it slips their mind. Just like that, the absence could go down as a "no call, no show." Enough mistakes like this could cost a person his or her job. Now, there is no need to worry. The anti-Wal-Mart movement never seems to notice the good Wal-Mart does. They are always looking for something bad to focus on, making sure to blow it out of proportion and distort it to fit their agenda. Why can't they just state the facts and let them speak for themselves? Guest Blogger: Someone In USA

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  1. Jonathan Rees says:


    I do have some sympathy with Wal-Mart on this one issue, but I guess my ultimate problem is that I just don’t trust Wal-Mart to administer it fairly. If someone really is sick for a week, I’m afraid they’ll just use it as an excuse to fire them. To Wal-Mart, workers are disposable anyway.

    • Donna says:

      Hey get this one! Imagine that you are at work and doing a better job at managing a group of over night remodel crew and there is a Support Manager Jason who can’t get them to do what he says so he turns and lies on that associate trying to get her fired by lying and they believe him just because he is a manager? That is so wrong! It’s bad enough that the company has favorites in which they favor and promote them for those reasons. Wal-mart is the WORSE place you could be working for and unless your desperate, I wouldn’t recommend that people even apply. Your better off working in a fast food restuarant! Trust me, you’ll be a 100% happier! PLUS WAL-MART BUYS ALL ITS PRODUCT FROM CHINA AND MEXICO WHICH CONTAIN HIGH AMOUNTS OF LEAD THAT HAVE BEEN RECALLED OR CAUSED CHILDREN TO DIE PLUS THEIR EMPLOYEES 75% OF THEM DIAGNOSED WITH CANCER!!!! Who ever thought that Wal-marts money would buy them a SMOKE ROOM in the facility that let everyone smell the smoke!

  2. Peter Sayles says:

    What to heck is a ‘decision day’ and why ‘coaching’ rather than discipline? I’ve already stated in a comment below that I don’t believe in unexcused absences unless it’s an emergency. But I also agree with Jonathan, why would anyone trust Wal-Mart with their track record?

  3. Jonathan-

    I don’t know how it will be now, but there was some lenience in extenuating circumstances. If I find anything out I’ll let you guys know.


    A decision day is essentially a paid day off to think about what you’ve done. Any additional violation requiring official discipline will result in termination. Coaching is Wal-Mart speak for discipline. It involves getting called into the office and talking with management about the offense. I’ve sat in on a few.

    Whether or not you guys trust Wal-Mart is another matter. I still have some faith in them.

  4. Antic Hue says:

    You are papering over one new aspect; not just ten minutes late to work, but out ten minutes early now count as a tardy. Couple that with Wal-Mart’s aversion to overtime and what do you think will happen the first time someone has to stay late to help a customer? Gonna be a bumpy Christmas.

  5. Antic-

    My apologies. This is not documented in the articles I have read on the subject. I had seen talk of this on employee forums, but had not verified it with one of my informants. Thus, it was not included.

    I have polled some associates I converse with online regarding the subject. The consensus seems to be that timing out ten minutes early is counted as a tardy. However, they also tell me that when management sends associates home early to cut overtime, they input this as a “business need” and it is not held against the associate.

    Thank you for the input. Without your comment, I may not have explored this aspect.

  6. unhappy assoc. says:

    Wal-marts new policy does not benefit associates illness is not an excused absence therefore associates will be coming to work with infectious illnesses infecting customers and co workers. And now instead of calling off one day at a time anyone who calls off once will call off three times because consecutive call offs count as one incident. How will that be beneficial to those of us there? And weather does not count as an authorized absence or tardiness so how will that benefit those of us living in the snow belt a blizzard is the only authorized absence weather related, who decides when its a blizzard ? Bentonville? That really helps those of us dealing with lake effect snow nov – feb and driving 30 miles to work. As for the 18 days you can miss sure if you are in the military called for jury duty or are in a life threatening accident and the accident only if you stop the life saving measures long enough to call the 1800 number if not its a no call no show. We are in trouble if we go over our scheduled hours doesn`t matter if its not overtime but we are not allowed to leave early or come in late to make up the time we are expected to chase management down to tell them if we intend to come in late or to leave early to make up the time and hope that they remember long enough to okay it in the system if they don`t its half an incident oh and dont forget to call the 1800 number to let them know if you have to come in late to make up time and if you`re on hold for more than the ten minutes you need to make up waiting for management to answer the call? The whole thing is ridiculous when you consider the fact that walmart doesn`t want to pay employees for one minute more than they have to if associates were leaving early or coming in late to make up the time then walmart was saving money not paying associates for that time. When you consider two hundred employees all leaving one or two minutes early a day thats alot of money they werent paying out now the associates wont make up the time on their own leaving early or coming late because its a half incident one incident after three times, we go over every day and at christmas its even worse. Its a catch 22 were damned if we do and damned if we dont. And thats what it was intended to do, get rid of employees who have senority or are full time.

  7. Amanda says:

    I think the New policy is bullshit I had to call off today due to the fact of weather I tired to make it in but i wound up it a corn field i call the 800 number was on hold for 15 min then when i told them i would be in they asked me at least 10 question(why what where when can you come in later is your car ok) DIDNT ASK ME IF I WAS OK JUST ABOUT MY CAR!!! bullshit if you ask me dont care about me just when im coming back! i also called of sick for 3 day cuz i had the stomach flu when i returned i got called into the mangers office to have a discussion about my hours for the week but what ever dont ever work at wal-mart

    • John says:

      I am disabled because of these stupid managers. When they know you have an injury they want to make it worse. When you end up leaving early because of disability they caused and is on record with the entire company, they insist on punishing me over it. I hope they just haul me in and give me a stupid decision day and get it over with. I won’t think about anything except that these idiots are paying me to watch TV at home. They can kiss off and take their company to Communist China where their stupid policies are writtern for them. DO NOT WORK FOR WAL-MART IF YOU VALUE YOUR BODY PARTS. THEY WILL RUIN YOUR LIFE FOREVER!

  8. Khrys says:

    To whoever says that days called off that are consecutive are counted as one day? WRONG.

    They are now counting each day seperately. If you’re in the hospital, bleeding from a deep gash in your thigh and the doctor says you need three days of bed rest? You’re screwed. You or a family member have to go in to the Personel office during their 7am to 3pm shift, ask for a Leave of Absense form. You then have to take it to the doctor, who fills out a little bit of paperwork, and then YOU have to fill out a lot of paperwork. Once you’re done with THAT, you get to take it back into the Personel office, hand it over and wait for the store manager to approve it, which can take literally a week.

    Our real problem isn’t call offs. Our REAL problem is being completely understaffed at all times and not having enough employees to cover all the departments.

    The Electronics department is now required to have TWO associates in it at all times. I’m one of those two. That’s cool, I like electronics. The problem is, we have to go to breaks and lunches, just like the other associates, and we’re required to, you guessed it, be replaced. Our managers haven’t been replacing us during our breaks and lunches with other associates. Oh, no. They’ve been letting us go one at a time.

    As for late breaks and lunches? Those happen equally well when people just FORGET. At 5:20 AM I paged for management to call the electronics department. I gave them about ten minutes, then paged again. I had to pee, bad, and wasn’t allowed to leave the department without a replacement, because they pulled the other Electronics associate over to /grocery/, because the local distribution center doesn’t get trucks to us until THREE AM. (They’re supposed to be there at 11pm, by the latest. Someone needs to be whuppin’ ass, me thinks.)

    My second page was answered by a member of management who casually said ‘Oh, the other electronics associate will have to get it.’… And then NEGLECTED TO TELL HER until /5:40/pm when I began paging her.

    My break was 45 minutes late. The other day? I didn’t even get a last break. Such is work at Wal-F-U-Mart.

  9. Supervisor says:

    I’m a CSM, for many years now. I have to say I definately have mixed feelings about this whole attendance policy. I feel that had they been consistant in “coaching” for attendance in the past, following the old format, giving consideration to extenuating circumstances, we would definately not be in this mess; hense, punishing those of us who never call in and always come to work.

    I find it really tuff to run the ship when you have several folks who continually call in or no call-no show. (and it’s usually the same people over and over and OVER!) In the past, they’ve just been excused. Not coached as they should have been. No decision making days, no terminations. And when we bring it up and bring it up and bring it up about this person(s) attendance being a chronic issue, we get the “yeah, we’re looking into it” or “we weren’t aware of any problems” story. We all know that’s bull.

    I know management is busy sitting around in their little office with their snacks and their feet up. So if you can’t take a message about an associate who calls in, AND PASS IT ON TO THEIR DEPARTMENT, let them call into someone who can get the job done!

    The front end people are responsible for the “check out experience.” We get chewed no matter what someone is unhappy about. But the entire store is short staffed, always. Then add a few folks who forget to come to work for whatever reason, (no offense to those who really don’t abuse the system) and whaa laa– you’re screwed. AND, NOBODY CARES! It’s up to you to take care of business and take care of the customer with little to no help from any Manager. BUT, a huge thank you to those of you who come to work every stinking day you’re scheduled, really only calling in when you’re truely ill or when you have a real reason to be gone, and for picking up the slack for those slackers that continually slip through the attendance cracks.

    Then after all this, the store manager(s) get their big fat bonuses at the end of the year and the Steak Holders get —- uhmmm — oh yeah, nothing. Thanks alot for making your money off my aching feet.

    Thank goodness this is only my part time job. I hope to quit come the first of the year.

    • John says:

      The way they run the company no one cares anymore. Managers don’t care about anything but themselves. They are selfish and self centered. They text message on the floor but write up associates for doing it or even talking on their cellphones. It is really hard to go to work when they insist on trying to send you to the hospital by making you work in an unsafe manner. Climbing ladders with bad legs on them, allowing heavy merchandise to be placed on the top shelf where it can fall on someone. One associate had a grill fall on her. They later fired her still on workers comp for “Job abandonment” because her pain was causing her to miss work. They are pathetic. I wish all our pains on them. So they can feel for themselves. Maybe corporate will fire their asses for missing work too. I saw our managers reading paperback books and nibbling on snacks in the office, they can sit and put their stinky feet up but if a disabled person needs to sit, they had better get permission from a doctor, yet homo office needs to apporive it first. This company is nothing more than a stupid Nazi work camp. If they think all their mean treatment will give them a safe job, it won’t eventually they get theirs. I hope it will be soon. So fed up with their sorry asses. The store manager gets $400,000 bonus, for keeping the labor and cost down, bathrooms are filthy and smelly, floors in the store have black streaks all through-out. Merchandise is piling up on the garden center patio. And they refuse to reduce price on old items they didn’t sell for Christmas so they rent a storage trailor and fill it up with all this stuff. The store looks like a flea market according to customers. Really pathetic.

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  11. clc says:

    I guess where I work hould be in the news right along with Wal-Mart, three no calls-no shows, FIRED, three days out sick, requires a Dr’s note, three tardies (either in the morning, lunch or leaving early) in one month written warning, four tardies-you are sent home that day without pay, five FIRED. And if you want to call in sick-you either email it in or talk to the HR person.
    I do not see what is wrong with Wal-Marts policy. It is just like most other companies.

  12. Clc:

    Perhaps you have become too used to being treated like a cog in a machine instead of a real person with a life outside work.

    Studies have showed that companies that trust employees more and allow things like flex time or for workers to cooperatively cover for one another have higher productivity. Mistreating people at one firm doesn’t make it right to do the same thing somewhere else.

    The small number of people who game the system can be handled through disciplinary channels, but most people are honest, hard working and appreciate being treated like responsible adults. They repay this confidence by being better employees. I’m willing to bet you feel this way yourself.

    • John says:

      I agree with you 100% Robert. Wal-Mart should treat employees with respect as their policy says to. Yet I think they threw “Respect For The Individual” in the trash can so they can abuse everyone. They seem to enjoy it too much.

  13. clc says:


    I have been an Office Manager for years and am working on getting my Master Degree. Where I work it is family friendly and treat us like the adults that we are. We can get the flex time that we need and sick time needed but it is understood that YOU NEED TO CALL IN. I have people that work a split schedule or from home at times but they have earned that trust. I have also had employees that would show up late all the time, long lunches or leave early but never talk to me about why this has happened.

    We have our policies in effect not to punish those that are the responsible adults but for those that are not. And the only ones that complain about them are thoses that seem to be at fault. We are paid for 8 hours of work and need to give that amount of time at work.

  14. Too long associate says:

    So much has changed since I started working for Walmart in 1993 that this attendance policy doesn’t surprise me a bit. Most companies have either always had or have recently added the point system and it seems to weed out the unfaithfuls to the job quite well, but what happens to the long term associates that suddenly have an emergency and violate the policy? Do they have to be fair and follow through and fire them? Or do they look at their track record and take that into consideration? I think you know the answer to that. I know that at my store you have the same people that call off over and over and you just wish they would do something about it since you show up everyday and are constantly called to cover the registers or another dept that is more ‘important’ than your dept.. But then you see a good associate get fired for going one minute too long before punching for lunch. Nothing makes sense anymore to me. I have seen so much change and am sure I could run the business better than the execs. They now cap off your pay at each level but have taken the dept manager job and reduces them by about 70% there by forcing associates into the asst manager program to make more money and then they are unhappy because they get worked to death. I even had a customer tell me she was sorry that I don’t make any money, which I replied, You don’t know how much I make. Sometimes you just have to put the customer in their place because they treat you like you’re second class citizens because of the media. Personally I would be 100% in favor of a union because I think things could be monitored by an outside agency to protect us, which now we have no protection, since the upper management always sides with the store management. In my store there is about 300 associates and I am sure that about 250 are on the verge of quitting because of being so unhappy, that is very bad. We noticed that they have taken off the commercials on tv showing how happy we are. I know you’re saying, if you’re unhappy why don’t you quit, but I have invested 12 years into my job and keep trying to believe that things will get better, but even I am on the edge. Thanks for letting me vent.

  15. Clc:
    It’s good that you work for an enlightened employer, but as the posting from “too long” shows Walmart doesn’t treat their employees nearly as well.

    If you read the blogs run by the unions you will see many similar stories posted by workers who really want to do a good job at Walmart, but are treated poorly as a reward.

    Unions arose because of worker abuse, long hours, underpayment, speed ups and other tactics. People don’t realize how bad some conditions were in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries before people organized. They think that things like the 40 hour week and over time pay are the norm, but they were all won by hard fought battles. We are seeing these gains being lost as the power of unions declines.

    Walmart being the largest employer in the country is the target of much attention, because if they can be made to clean up their act it will have a cascade effect elsewhere. Even at the height of unions they represented only about 30% of workers, but competitive pressures meant that everyone benefited.

  16. I am a teacher and it seems that society as a whole has this attitude that being a few minutes late really doesn’t matter. It shows in the number of students that I have tardy every hour of the day, six times a day. The number of “repeat offenders” has also grown from about 3 a day to 6-8 a day–even though there is punishment for their actions and they miss out on part of the lesson that I am teaching at the time.

    I think it is sad that walmart has had to resort to this kind of policy. I see the problem from both sides. Tardiness and no-shows in the workplace create a situation where managers are having to ask employees who have already worked all day to cover–at least until the manager or their assistant has the time to find someone else to work, which puts the other employee in a bind. It also causes more employee costs to rise, because it might create an overtime situation. A few employees can ruin the situation for all, but for walmart a few is really a bunch, simply because of the size of the organization. Maybe if they paid their employees more, they would be able to recruit employees that are more willing to work and be on time.

  17. TooAfraid says:

    I think you are missing the point, school teacher. We don’t want to be late for work! We just don’t want to be penalized when something happens out fo our control…like a flat tire or sick children or our own illnesses, or icy roads! Life just doesn’t run on a time clock. I think the majority of us are on time. We aren’t complaining about having to be on time. We are complaining because if something happens out of our control, we are penalized for it!!! Please understand the difference!

  18. Alfred Day says:

    As a 75-year-old man who has worked in a variety of companies, I have always felt it was my responsibility to adapt to attendance policies of my employer, not to ask the employer to accommodate my preferences and my lack of self-discipline. The tail shouldn’t wag the dog.

    • Patrick Stone says:

      These workers aren’t saying they don’t feel like complying with Walmart’s rules. They’re saying there is no practical allowance for uncontrollable events. If you have a heart attack and have to be gone from work longer than Walmart would like, you’re fired. Is that your fault because you failed to adapt to their policy? No.

  19. I think the issue that the Walmart employees are upset about is that control (or discretion) has been removed from the local store managers and centralized in headquarters.

    With local control, managers can make judgments based upon knowledge of the employee, local weather situations and other factors. (Yes this might be open to favoritism.) With centralized control and the need to call an 800 number the employees are being made to feel undervalued and dehumanized.

    Notice that all the law suits in the recent past have been over Walmart taking advantage of employees: faking time sheets, forcing work during breaks, not paying for overtime, etc. Thus for Walmart to adopt a super strict policy is just a bit hypocritical, don’t you think?

  20. fed up says:

    what is the deal with the fifth hour policy? I do nothing but bust my ass for this company and for what? Just so I can be told I am bad cuz went 3 minutes past on blitz day. Whatever I am through breaking my back for good ol dead Mr. wally.

  21. Interested Issue says:

    OK Here is an Interested Scenario.

    I working in Wal-Mart, I like my job I like Wal-Mart, but this new attendance policy is a shock. Listen this. You have three kids. OK?
    Winter time. Situation.
    You call in because one of your kid got sick had to take it to ER. So there you go There is your #1 call in against you.
    Two weeks later They call you from the school because your other child is throwing up. You don’t have a chance you go to pick her up. There is your #2 against you because you did not finish your scheduled shift.
    Three-four weeks later your third child gets sick you have to call in. Usually that is how is happening with three kids. So there is your #3 Against you. At this point you will get called to the office to have a little chat with you. (Just because you did take care of your family.!???)

    Ok so go on. 1 month passed by. You going to work and someone hits your car, you got to go to ER. There is your #4 against you and you will Get the Verbal coaching.
    Three weeks passed by again and your husband falls down on the stairs, the Ambulance took him to ER you have to go to get your kids from school, because your husband used to but now he couldn’t. So you have to leave and there is your #5 against you. You will get the Written Coaching.
    I know this is little bit unreal but it could happen. So let see you got two more chance.
    But let say for unknown reason you will pass out in your store while you working. You will be taken into the ER they found out you had kidney stone. It is not work related it is not comp paid, so there is your #6 against you. You will have now a decision day. Remember there is one chance left and you will get fired.
    You still have 1.5 month to go until your 6 month period.
    And then 3 weeks passed by and you got the phone call that your child passed out and the Ambulance took her to the ER her condition is not looking good.

    SO what you do?????? If you go, you will get fired, but that is your child. Are you just ignoring the fact that your child is in half come and keep working??

    What would a Wal-Mart Manager do in this situation??? They would run to the ER.

    So you go because the most important thing is in your life is your family. And you don’t have job now. You got fired because you took care of your family. You work for them, you are there for them when they need you but now you don’t have a job. WHY??


    Mister Lee Scott CEO of Wal-Mart, are you reading this???
    I doubt that.
    What would be your answer?

    But you know what I will take this one step more.
    Let say your last time absence is not because of your child. Let say that you go to shopping to your day off. The next day you got to go to work. Next to the Wal-Mart where you work is a restaurant. You go there with your family. I mentioned earlier that is winter. North of the US the winter is very long. Believe me. So you come out from the restaurant. Your car is parking the other side of the road, because the restaurant parking lot was full. You walk to your car, and a car hits you. You break your leg. Can’t go to work. That will be your last chance. You will get fired. You don’t have chance, you will get hospitalized. But here is the trick. The driver who hit you was your District Manager who were visiting your store that day and was ready to go home.
    So now you got fired from your work because of your district Manager? Oh yes, you will have insurance to pay lot of money for you, but the fact is that you still lost your job. Or are they gone smooth it out, because of your District Manager??? Are they?? I bet all my money they would, just so the Manager wouldn’t have to pay that much….

  22. clarence taylor says:

    The new attendance policy leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I have worked for walmart 13 years and 3 months and it gets harder to go to work each day. I know that Sam Walton is probly kicking all the dirt off his grave because of the way his company is being run these days. What has become of the family values that Sam based his life on,Sam started his company and he treated his employees as equiels,as family, that is what he said he believed the company was the employees. The attendense policy throughs all that right the window it isn’t fare to treat the employees that have had a big part in building the mega million dollar business that walmart has become, without all the long term associates work and lives we have put into the company it would not have survived. The new generation Walmart is the inner circle and if you are not part of that circle you will not servive in the long run. I still think that Walmarts plan is to squeeze out long term associates so that they may be replaced by lower payed part time employees. The bottom line is the dollar stops at the corpriate levels pockets, and the workers that are the real builders and backbone, the hourly associates, are the ones that will be pushed aside and forgotten. In the long run the beast will ultimatly beat and defeat themselves and Walmart will destroy all that Sam and Bud Walton set out to achieve a family business not only family of blood but a family of good honest hard working people the extended family, the store associates.

  23. What happened to WM? says:

    The attend policy is simple. DON’T GET SICK !!!

    What I suggest is just go to work no matter how bad you feel. If you vomit, somebody will clean it. If you pass out, a stockman will move you to an safe location out of high traffic areas until you wake up. But under no circumstances should you call off or leave early, that would be unexcused.

    Another option is, every six months you have three mini-vacations. USE ‘EM !!! Three consecutive days counts as one unexcused absence. You can have three unexcused in a rolling six month period before you are punished. Thanks for the extra vacation time WM.

    In closing, Remember when the Waltons were just a folksy little country family on television? That is not the first thing you think about when somebody says, “The Waltons” anymore is it? Walton is becoming a bad name, it might as well be added the list of words banned by the FCC. I wonder how any of the current family can sit and let this happen after all the work Sam put in. Maybe the world is just too out of focus when you sit on a giant pile of cash.

  24. Dazed and Confused says:

    When the 1-800 # was introduced in our store, we were told to call the number if we were sick or going to be tardy, write down our confirmation number we were given, but that if we were not able to speak with a member of management not to worry, because all we needed was that “confirmation number”. As such, that created 3 “No call No Show” for me. I returned to work to find I had been terminated. I was given a “Decsion Day” and told not to miss any more days for 6 mths. The 2 week period following that I had to be clocked in by a member of management, who would wait until between 5-10 mins after the shift was to start to come back to the time clock to clock me in ( I would start paging for assistance at 15 mins before the shift ). This gave me 9 tardies, which equals to 3 more unexcused absences, which I was coached for. I wasn’t let go because they said that it was Christmas and we were short-staffed. Also, the actual policy on the wire states that 6 mins before or after your scheduled shift counts as a tardy, not 10.
    Now, my problem is that I have to move out of state and need to transfer. I have to give 3 weeks, not 2, for notice. The store manager is given the decsion to approve it or deny it. Plus , I will need a minimum of 1 week to move my household to it’s new residence. So, I will have to take a week off between ending at the 1st store and starting at the new one. I was told if I take that time I will be terminated.
    Alot of associates are upset and want to change things, but many have alot of time vested in the company and hope that Wal-Mart will see the errors of its ways. They are afraid to stand up for themselves because they see the backlash against the employees that do. As far as the “Open Door” policy, the is none, not within our store. If you do complain about harassment from one of your members of management, you get written up for slander against that person.
    Yes, I know alot of people say that if you aren’t happy about it quit, but what is an honest person supposed to do when the only place to work in your area is a Wal-Mart, or take a seasonal job ( ex: Christmas, race week, bike week ) which would pay you maybe 4 months out of the year, or live off taxpayers?

  25. Injured WM Employee says:

    Lets take my situation and shed some light on it. I have worked at the big blue demon for almost 9 years now. I injured my back unloading a truck (this was before the days of the “unloaders”) I had a herniated disc in my lower back which I had to have surgery on just so I could walk. That was six years ago. Well now my back has since gotten bad again due to the disc degenerating. I have constant pain running down my leg and sometimes the fun feeling of no feeling in my foot. No feeling means no walking. Yes I have been to the doc. An MRI done, my valentines day present is finding out if I get to be cut open yet again or not. So you can imagine I have called out. Yes I have been called into the office for excessive abscences. I have missed 6 days in the past 4 months due to the back injury that I recieved at WM. I was told to talk to the store manager or personel. (Since my store manager says that even a doctors note does not excuse you, you can guess who I went to) to see if my abscences could be excused since I am a work comp case. The reply I recieved……I nor my attendence is not work comps problem…..Oh yeah and my store has conviently lost all of the doctors papers that I have given them over the last year (those are just the ones that I am aware of that are missing)….so they have no record of me keeping the “you have to go to the doc once a year to keep your case open” bargan. So you can imagine how screwed I am.. Cant feel my foot or walk but God forbid I not show up to The Great Wal Mart. I understand the policy was put into place to “weed out those who miss work excessivly” (although the associate that missed 16 days in 1 month still has their job at my store). I get a double whammy, cant walk, cant work. Dont work get fired. Who in the hell is going to hire me when and if that happens. UUMMMM NO ONE!!!!! Great and fair policy you got goin on there WM if you ask me.

  26. Union membership hit a new low last year mostly due to the layoffs in the auto industry.

    We can expect to start hearing many more of these Dickensian stories in the months and years ahead unless the new congress reverses the anti-union stance of the NLRB and permits card checkoff and other actions to make organizing easier.

    Sixty percent of workers say they would join a union if presented with the option. So much for majority rule in congress…

  27. I didn’t expect to see this thread have any recent comments this morning. (Jeff, what’s the record for comments on a post?) This works out well, though.

    Last night Shepard Smith was whining about the San Francisco ordinance taking effect soon that will give all employees nine paid sick days every year for use even just to take care of a sick friend or neighbor (or as Smith puts it, “for any reason or no reason”). What do you guys think of that?

    Comparing that to Wal-Mart: Six absences (three every six months), which can be up to three days each (6 to 18 days); sick time cannot be used for the first day, though I think personal time can; limited sick time, of course, though I felt it accumulated quickly enough.

    I don’t think they look too bad side-by-side. San Francisco’s law is clearly more generous, but not much more in terms of days allowed. I’m not sold on requiring employers to provide sick pay for these nine days. I think it would be better to make rules on sick time accumulation and number of days an employee can be absent without disciplinary action from his or her employer, but I suppose that misses the aim of the law. Still disagreeing.

    San Francisco’s experiment: Good plan, disaster in the works, or neither?

  28. Someone:

    The issue of employment conditions can be looked at from two perspectives. Society can decide that certain costs should be borne by employers as a matter of public policy (like Social Security payroll tax or a mandatory sick day plan). This raises costs to employers, but if it is done fairly so that some employers can’t opt-out or cheat then it doesn’t create a competitive disadvantage. Employers have the option of taking a smaller profit or raising their prices to compensate. What this does is spread the employee costs over a larger base.

    The alternative is to force these social costs onto the employees. This makes working into a lottery. The healthy may get higher wages since employers no longer have to bear the costs of the sick. However, if the sick can’t afford the health care costs the results get borne by society indirectly. This can be in the form of emergency room visits, or a higher health cost later for under-treated conditions now, or even a rise in crime as children’s education is disrupted by growing up in an unstable household where employment is at risk.

    Libertarians argue that people have responsibility for their own lives and this is not the role of government, but this is an oversimplification. People don’t chose to get ill or injured. Even those who are the most in favor of self-reliance may find themselves weak, old or helpless later in life. We’ll see how strongly they maintain their YOYO (you’re on your own) beliefs when that day arrives.

  29. Dan in NY says:

    Here’s something that puzzles me. Why doesn’t anyone complain about Wal-Mart’s sick day policy? In that you have to wait 24 hours before you can use a sick day (The first day is unpaid,or you can use personal/vacation time. ) I have worked for several companies,and not once did I have to wait 24 hours to use my sick time.

  30. TLR says:

    During the after Christmas return season, I was working in customer service. Three hours after my lunch I asked if I could have my last break. I was told that the line was too long and they (CSM’s) would find someone to replace me while I went on break. Well, that never happened. By the time I was to clock out I never got my last break. I had to run to the restroom before I could even clock out out of fear of wetting myself. I clocked out 2 mins. late and was talked to about that, but that is not the bad part. The bad part is that the very next day I ended up with a bladder infection, if it were not for over the counter pills to help with the symptoms, I would of had had to call in. If I called in I wouldn’t have received the Holiday Pay. So I worked it in misery. I went to the Doctor the next day and payed my $20.00 co-pay then picked up my Rx for another $10.00. So for $30.00 and misery and a talking to, the company got that extra 15 mins. out of me and 3 more cutomers taken care of in that 15 mins.. A union may not be a bad thing!

  31. amy says:

    I don understand the ptl..performance tracking log, as far as attendance…. step one, two and three ur fired??? i dont get it, im currently on a step two and im afraid if i miss another day ill be on a step three, which means what d day? or am i just fired. ive been at the walmart dc for three years now, and i love my job, but im suffering from bipolar disorder, in which im afraid to tell anyone about for fear of getting fired. . l. . .help

  32. brokenpinata says:

    Old blog, but a fairly recent comment.

    What they don’t tell you is this discipline policy is all-encompassing. I had been having marital troubles at home (will spare details, suffice to say cheating whore of a wife), and as a result, had been missing a day here and there. I had my d-day a few weeks ago and yesterday I got terminated for an issue unrelated to attendance. This issue counted as a “coaching strike,” pushing me to termination.

    The issue at hand involved an assistant manager approving a price-match for several employees the day after black friday. This AM realized he made a mistake and denied it, blaming the CSMs (Customer Service Managers) and all involved associates. He told numerous people that day that it was okay to match the ad, including the CSMs he later crucified for his own mistake. All involved associates got coached, but since I was already on the line for my attendance, I lost my job.

    Now, here’s the thing for me personally. I don’t have my handbook on hand, so I may be wrong, but I will check with a friend later. I was led to believe that if a coaching-worthy issue preceded another coaching, but wasn’t addressed until after the other, it would qualify as a slap on the wrist. I believe this is policy because this is what happened with one of my attendance issues. I had missed a day, was backa few days, missed another day, worked a few more and missed another. I wasn’t confronted on the issue until after that third miss, even though each one would be considered a strike. But since they didn’t address the issue immediately, the first two absences became a verbal spanking, and I was only hit with the third absence.

    Inconsistency, methinks. I’m going to use said “open-door” policy today and make a few phonecalls higher up and see what they say.

  33. Don says:

    Wal Mart is a strange one for their call in policy. I don’t mind the 800 #, I like that actually, I worked at another job that had an 800 number to call into. It works out well and judging from what I’ve seen in the way of favoritism at my store, an 800 number is needed in order to cut that out. There is still favoritism and ways around the 800 # !! A manager told one employee that all he had to do was NOT to call the 800 # but call HIM.. and tell him that he couldn’t make it in. Needless to say, that person missed at least one night a week and was never even given a verbal for it. This went on for a year. When the new management team came in (they change every year. Night shift managers go back to days every year normally in January), the man was fired within a few months after that because the new managers didn’t go for it.

    Anyway, the 800 # is needed. However, the policy itself sucks. It makes no sense. Right now, I’ve called in for the 3rd night in a row. Am I sick. No, I’m not. I’m stressed due to my job but I’m not physically ill. Would I have called in 3 nights in a row had I been able to use sick time the first night? No. But since the first night doesn’t count but the 2nd and 3rd night does and since I’m going to get my 3rd point anyway, why not? I’m going to use some of my 60 hours of sick time I have and maybe a personal day and get paid for all three days anyway. It’s no skin off my nose to call in 3 nights in a row. If I was able to use sick time (and not a personal day) and if I wasn’t going to get one whole point against me for missing one day, I may have went back to work after one night of calling in… but if they want to play it like this, that is fine with me.

    Look here all you people who hate your job at Wal Mart. Wal Mart’s policy states you can miss 3 days for one point against you. 3 points per 6 months before you are even given a verbal. USE THIS!!!! If you work 3rd shift at WM you should be getting two nights off in a row, I know I do. Call in 3 days either before or after your normal 2 days off and get 5 days off in a row, 6 times a year! That is 30 days right there. Put that with your week or two weeks vacation, depending on how long you’ve been there, and by the end of the year, you could take a whole lot of time off (to handle the stress).

    I decided last year to use Wal Mart’s policy against them. I know one of the night shift managers this year knows what I’m doing and I know it eats him alive but I don’t care. Wal Mart doesn’t care about what I go through, why should I care what they go through when I’m not there. Oh yeah, I normally save up my sick time so I can take it when a bunch of people in my department goes on vacation. lol.

    The thing is, Wal Mart should know that if they piss off their employees, it will only make it worse for that store. The employees basically run the store. The managers do not. I learned long ago not to even TELL anyone if I see a customer steal something. First, it doesn’t do any good to tell anyone, next, I was not hired to do security. I’m a stocker. I am timed on how fast I can get an aisle done (So I can go help a slacker) so I don’t have time to call for management if I see someone steal something. I also don’t have time to put back strays that is left in the aisle I normally stock, so I push the strays back and stock in front of them..yes, even stuff that will ruin like meat, chicken and dairy products. I don’t have time to take a customer to a product like management wants me to do. I don’t have time to even look up on most nights, so I’m not going to.

    Wal Mart can’t have it both ways. I know the WM I work at is losing a whole lot of product to thieves but I don’t care anymore. IF WM treated their employees better, they would care about this kind of thing. If they treated their employees like people and not children, they would not be using this call in policy AGAINST THEM. That is what the employees like myself is doing to the WM we work for. We use the policy against them and the management can’t say a thing about it. Of course, they try. They tell the new people they can’t miss but 3 days a year. I had to go behind management and take two employees to ‘the Wire’ to show them the REAL attendance policy. I even printed it out for them. lol

  34. WMemployee says:

    Hello. I have been employed at wal -mart for almost 2 years..Now, i read the comments here for the first time and i had my reasons for searching for this forum. I find it funny yet heartbreaking that so many of us across the country so many miles apart have THE SAME problems. Since i have been there, i have seen 25 people come and go from my department ALONE!!! (some say i should wrtie a novel on how to survive wal – mart because im the sole survivor). My departments shift is alloted about 10 – 12 associates and theres been times where for 2 – 3 months we would have 3 – 4 people. Considering we all have 2 days off a week im sure you can figure out the result of that. ( yes i have personally unloaded a 2,400 piece wal mart GM truck BY MYSELF!…ever since ive been there, i’ve always took the initative to be a leader because that’s the way i am. I don’t boss people around, i just keep everyone in unison and make everyones life easier. Communicate with the managers etc. (if they respond). About a month – month 1/2 ago i was given a verbal for attendance…(yes by the company i have bent over backwards for and im sorry to tell them this winter i had my illnesses). Now, today at work i didn’t get coached but i know darn well tomorrow, or the day after whenever my asst. manager is in i will be. Why? because last week on my day off i went to the doctors. Got a shot and new medication. Turns out for the first time in my life i was severely allergeric to the meds and had symptoms of the following: Fever, Pain and swelling in the injection site, nausea, severe dhiarrea, chills, extremly high blood pressure. and hives. I thought maybe if i got some sleep it would go away. Boy was i wrong. I woke up the next day and realized it had gotton worse so i called my doctor. She was at the office and i told her what was going on. She told me that is very serious she needs to see me ASAP. It was already about 30 min ’till i had to punch in so i had no choice but to call off. Once i saw the Doc. she talked to me about my side effects and took my blood pressure. It was so high i could see her eyes light up. She said just relax i’ll be back in a few minutes and we will check it again. 2nd time it was through the roof…she almost made me go to the hospital but told me if anything get home, get rest, no excersize if your symptoms dont go away or get worse get to the hospital asap. So i went home. The next day i still wasn’t myself, they had improved a little but meagerly. The following day a little better but not great. Luckily i had the next day off. the reason i tell all this story is this…I’m going to get coached in the next day or two all because of a medical emergency. A doctors note is no good to wal mart. When i visited her on late friday afternoon and she told me this, it was already about 430 pm. Not enough time to go get a leave of absense paper and have her fill it out before the office closed. So i was screwed, there was no choice either day for me but to call off. and after all i’ve done for them they want to write me up and prevent me from moving up??? WOW…if anyone has any comments please share because at least i got to share my side with people who may have been through it. Thanks

    • wm x employee says:

      that is very true that dr excuses dont mean anything and protect you they dont i got a verbal for attendance about 1 and half months ago 2 weeks later i got called into managers office saying they got a report that i dropped a rot. chicken on the floor picked it up off the floor and packaged it up and put it on floor to sell. who in their right mind would would do such an act. so anyways no written coaching automatic d day co workers word for it no camera proof so got my d day 2 weeks later was having back problems mised 3 days went to dr . dr gave me 2 more days off went back 2 work on monday with work restrictions got called to managers office on friday i was terminated because i missed work and already had my d day so people dont ever think you have to have a written coaching to be terminated i had a verbal coaching to a d day to termination

  35. […] them to have insurance on all of their employees. [↩]Which was really a myth. [↩]Read this comment from a disgruntled employee. [↩]Though I am a little snobby as far as politics and range of […]

  36. Mark says:

    I work at Wal-Mart, and I have had to abide by this policy. It has been problematic for me. I have only taken one sick day in my year of employment. I showed up, but couldn’t finish my shift. That means I got a whole “point” for it. (3 points= a coaching, though some say it’s 4) If you can stay half you shift you get 1/3 of a point, whereas if you called in you get no points (to my understanding) and can take three conscutive days off. This seems to encourage us to call in and take 3 days off every time. I figured it was better to come in and try to work through my shift, but just felt more and more sick as time went on and eventually had to leave. So I feel like I was penalized (1 whole point) for trying to be a good employee and work when they had no one else instead of just calling in and and taking three days off.

    Without trying to sound too much like I’m just bashing Wal-Mart, I will have to say that this company has been ridiculous. They fired one of my fellow employees because he stayed late and got overtime. We all understand overtime is a huge no-no (we have been told so), but they ASKED him to stay late because of their inadiquate scheduling system and lack of epmployees coming in afterwards. My boss said he hung himself because he habitually came in too late. Maybe so. But I whenever I worked with him he came in early.

    I also have taken one day off so far, but now they won’t let me take another one off for my sister’s wedding reception. The reason for this is because we don’t have the required number of people to cover all the shifts. We have asked them to hire more, but they never do. This, combined with poor scheduling, has caused many problems including calling us in almost every time we get two days off in a row. I don’t have the time to go into detail about everything, but trust me, this place is ridiculous.

    Oh, and when they did give me that written Decision day (they managed to skip over one of the other steps somehow) they said they could print out and show me on paper how I got all my points, but they couldn’t give me a copy for my records. I found that interesting because they claimed I had come in too late and left to early on days when I know I hadn’t. Convenient that I cannot own a copy that directly states what I’m getting in trouble for.

  37. Thomas says:

    Yea, you maybe able to technically miss 18 days in a six month period, but most stores have a habit of ignoring their own policies and even firing associates (wow such a pretty word for poor b***ard who works for walmart.) after only missing four days. As well many people who have been hospitalized for serious medical problems being fired for those missed days. People at the store I work for have been fired for having to leave early (usually around 8 half shifts) especially if it was a workers compensation issue, such as one girl who got chemical burns from the floor wax and stripper.

  38. Jeff Hess says:

    Shalom Thomas,

    First, thank you for stopping in, for reading and, most importantly, for taking the time to share information with us. We build our community with our conversation.

    Capricious enforcement is one of the injustices that a Union would help to combat.



  39. 11yearassociate says:

    When this policy was first put in place, we were told the rules. We were told 4 unexcused absences and we would be fired. Well, here we are now. No one, and I do mean NO ONE has been fired at my my store for excessive absences. We have people who call in 1-2 days a week/every week, and yet they still have jobs. Management looks the other way. Favoritism is still very much alive at Wal-Mart. One man in particular can’t seem to make it in on Friday nights because he is always drunk and when he does come in you can smell the alcohol. Management looks the other way and even gave him an exceeds on his eval this year! Things will never change at Wally World. Brown nosers will always be treated better than harg workers.

  40. walmart has now gone further in their associate abuse by proclaiming customer based computer scheduling!If an associate doesn’t have open availability the computer won’t schedule enough hours! walmart is actually cutting hours but are disguising this with their new customer based computer scheduling. I have been with this company foe 13 yrs and have always worked between 7-4 because of my visual disability. They now tell me that they can’t find me enough hours in the entire store to give me my full time hours! The computer doesn’t show hours available and store management can’t adjust the schedule because they are on a company scorecard. What a way to keep associates loyal or will to give their all ! THe new regime at the top is destroying all that Sam Walton wanted for his company! I have always been happy at my job until these new policies were instituted,now no one is happy and we all fear for our jobs, We are constantly threatened with coaching!

  41. I'm Childish says:

    There are many times when employees who do not show up cause a negative impact to customer service. This is true not only at Walmart but at most companies. I do take issue with a company that rejects an associates request for unpaid time off placed on the wire more than 90 days in advance that is rejected. The request has been made and the fact is simple – I will not be there – this is the first time I as a single parent have been able to afford to take my children on a vacation and guess who comes first – Its not the smiley face with poverty level wages and no benefits for one year from an associates day of hire.

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  43. Alan says:

    “An associate can miss as many as 18 days in six months and keep his or her job.” You proved your ignorance with that statement…an associate can do no such thing. Either you dont work at Wal-Mart, or you are a paid hired gun to try and make their policy look good. It is absolute bullshit. I work outside as a courtesy clerk, and in fluctuating weather and such one is bound to get sick. 3 days in 6 months is a straight up joke.

    Rule of thumb, if Wal-Mart says your attendance is bad…they usually have it backwards. Their POLICY is bad, not your attendance.

    • UncleBob says:

      It’s true. You can miss up to three days and have it count as a single point. You can get six points in a rolling 6 month period before you are terminated:
      Points 1,2: Nothing
      Point 3: “Friendly Reminder”
      Point 4: Verbal Coaching
      Point 5: Written Coaching
      Point 6: Decision Making Day
      Point 7: Termination

      3 x 6 = 18 days.

      • james says:

        Not exactly, The way I’ve seen it work at my store, each day is a point. You miss a day, thats 1 point.
        I have no clue how you get 18 days from that, I recently got a written coaching after being told i had missed 7 days, (which i dont see how, should have been around 5….if that…..which I’d also point out favoritism is still around…I’m written up at 7, then told my other works they know they should have 8 points, but have never been coached.)
        It annoys me to have it on my record, but other then no promotions, I’m not sure theres much that it prevents me from doing….other then being one step closer to D-Day…

    • Sluggo says:

      I agree with you Alan, I work outside as a cart associate/stocker and yes we can and do get sick; plus it’s a living hell working in minus 0 weather and 100 degree heat! I wonder, what’s the matter with those Arkansas guys? The whole company is just messed up!

  44. Liz says:

    To say that it curbs favoritism is stretching it, to put it lightly.

    Since a manager can override absences then it only makes the favoritism more aware to the rest of the associates.

    Seeing co-workers who are favorites missing well over 7 days and have no consequence?

    While others are disciplined by the book. It’s crap.

  45. Rayman says:

    Ive been working for store 1081# for 2 years now , this forum already explain how I feel about the new policies, and how managements treats us like crap. They don’t give a damn about us. They treat us like an abusive owner treats his animal. Take this for instance I knew this guy who worked in electrons hardly ever missed a day or fewer days than I missed and they fired him on the spot for being 5 minutes late off his brake. He had no warnings, no write or verbals couching’s or even a d-day I know this for fact. The other little bit I know is nobody liked him but me because he was ex-military. There you have it, sit back and tell me that isn’t favoritism. I missed seven days in six months last year and I have my job. Is this just some corrupt mess?, or did they change the policy again to were extended brakes is an automatic fire. Trust me there isn’t any thing I mist because the became one of my pals, we bitch and complained our problems to each other so I know everything about him.

  46. Sluggo says:

    I got two words for unhappy assoc; RIGHT ON!

  47. nicole says:

    I was put on a probation period for excessive tardies and have not been late since. However, they used this probation period for grounds to terminate me on a totally unrelated topic that I have never had any verbal or written counceling on… I have talked to some friends who work for other companies and they all say that this is not right. I guess what im asking is can they do this? Since they are unrelated?

  48. juz curious says:

    I understand that if I call in 3 days in a row that the first day counts against me and the other 2 days are consecutive.    My question is if I call in on Tuesday and my off days are Wednesday and Thursday and then I call in on Friday, is Friday considered consecutive or is it considered another day because my off days.   I spoke with my store manager months ago about this and at the time she said she would get back with me but hasn’t til this day.   Also if you call in Friday, Saturday and Sunday, there are managers at our store that will count Friday as 1 point, Saturday as a 2nd point because it starts a new week and Sunday as a 3rd point because you called the weekend.   That is your 3 points for the six month period.  I just want to know what the correct attendance policy is and have an accurate answer to my question.

  49. A former Walmart Manager says:

    In the Northeast we have noreasters!  When an associate lives over an hour away from the store they work at and is told they have to come in with 2 to 3 inches of ice, yes pure ice, on the roads; this is just dangerous.  We use to be able to excuse them.  Now I understand they aren’t excused.  When there is 2 feet of snow that comes down all at once and that same associate is told they have to come in or it will “Count against them”  then that is unfair.   It is not 18 days missed to get fired.  If an associate misses 3 days they get a verbal.  For each day missed after that is a coaching (or discipline) step.  So, if you miss 5 days because of the unpredictable weather in the northeast, then you loose your job on the 6th day missed.   I admire the news people and what they do.  However, not every job pays as well to risk your life to try to get to work over an hour away.  Taking this away from the associates is a disaster.   This is unfair.  The old policy was if the associate didn’t feel safe driving into work because of extreme weather.  Yeah there were people who abused it.  But, those people had regular attendance issues and were weeded out anyway.  Their pattern usually followed them to the summer months as well. So, don’t be so quick to side with Walmart.  There is a lot the everyday person has no idea goes on.   Oh, and I am glad to be in a different field now.  The mistreatment wasn’t worth the pay, even for a manager.

    • UncleBob says:

      If you’re that unfamiliar with the policy, then I’m not surprised you’re a former manager.
      Three concurrent absences counts as a single point per company policy.  This means if you miss three days in a row due to weather, it counts as a single point.
      Additionally, weather issues can be declared excused absences per the Store Manager or Market Manager.  We had some pretty bad flooding down here a few weeks ago and had plenty of weather-related excused absences.

  50. Worker at Walmart says:

    I just had a second coaching this week as to my attendance. I have been with Walmart now for just over five years. While my parents were living, they would never even have ever considered allowing me to work for Walmart due to our family connections with the Walton family. However, after my previous job left Oklahoma, I found Walmart the best choice for the locaiity; I’m not sure if I made the right choice. Although I understand why Sam left the Company in Scott’s hands, most of us feel this was a mistake. The New CEO is simply running the business into the ground. In our Family we have a rule on any job, never under five years do we leave a job; after five years, all is game. I will always honour Walmart as the product, ingenuity, and genius that was Sam Walton, a man my Family has always esteemed very highly. Although I will not criticize Walmart, I will criticize the people in charge-they need to get their heads on strait and pull the Company out a hole that they themselves are already digging for one of the best companies in the World. They need to bring down prices instead of making-up excuses to raise them; they need to stop engaging in “Competitors Ads”; and, most of all, they need to redo their Attendance Policy. Sam would not have approved of very many of the new changes; neither would he have approved of much of the way inwhich his workers are currently being mistreated by his own Company. Atleast Arvest has a much better Attendance Policy than Walmart, Bob has atleast seen to that! Now, I have a decision to make as to whether to continue with the Company or quit. Unfortunately, that decision I made when I was first given a written warning for attendance in violation of the Company’s own Attendance Policy. I will be looking for another job while continuing to work for Walmart, later to quit quietly.

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