Everytime Jonathan thinks he's done with the Edelman story, something else crops up. While he may have the occasonal second thought, I, for one, am proud that he wrote that first letter to Jim and Luara and opened the blogger flood gates that got this story rolling. Last night Jeff Jarvis waded in and Edelman posted this comment: Jeff, I accept your criticism on behalf of the firm. I can tell you that our determination to be leaders in the blogosphere is undiminished. We are taking this as an important lesson, that we have not done sufficient education of our team on the proper way to interact with new media. Our Me2Revolution team is doing three company wide mandatory training sessions next week to ensure that the WOMMA guidelines are strictly applied. We are establishing a 24/7 social media hotline which will vet programs before they are presented to clients. We will participate in development of best practices outside of the US and will comply with the rules in each country. We will do better. Count on it. We are listening. Edelman's second sentance says it all: he's determined to be a leader in the blogsophere. He just doesn't get it. There are no leaders. The blogosphere isn't a top-down organization. No one is in charge. No one leads. Individuals can choose to be examples; both good and bad. But they have no authority to say follow me. Bloggers will choose to follow, or lead, based on their criteria, not the criteria of any code Of ethics or list of best practices. Jeff Hess: Have Coffee Will Write.


  1. Peter Sayles says:

    I guess this means that we will now get to make comments on paidcritics and workingfamiliesforwalmart huh? Transparency and open communication and all.

  2. Jeff Hess says:

    Shalom Peter,

    I won’t be holding my breath.



  3. LOL@Peter

    I don’t feel that enabling comments has as much to do with transparency as it does with expressing confidence in one’s position. Personally, I think it makes the blog more interesting. However, I can see Paid Critics getting spammed with a lot of baseless anti-Wal-Mart comments (ie “Wal-Mart sucks.”). It’s understandable that a PR firm would want to avoid that.

    Anyway, Edelman is a tired subject. *Yawns*

  4. Jonathan Rees says:

    It’s not second thoughts, Jeff, it’s fatigue. Edelman isn’t a tired subject for me, it just makes me tired having to cover the same ground in different ways as Edelman keeps missing the point of transparency over and over again.

  5. Jeff Hess says:

    Shalom Someone,

    Comments — or easily accessible email that is read and responded to — are the single most important component of any blog.

    It is all about the conversation.



  6. Jeff Hess says:

    Shalom Jonathan,

    Bad choice of words on my part.

    Sometimes we have to keep pounding on the door to get someone to open it. And failing that, make sure that all of those around us understand that the door is closed.



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  8. Jeff Hess says:

    Shalom Someone,

    I’m sorry that I didn’t catch the comment spam in time. But I’ve decided to disable it and leave it here just so that your return comment can demonstrate how lame spamers are.

    Thanks for the smile this morning.



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    P.S. Just in case anyone is offended, this is a joke. I deleted these three pieces of comment spam, but because Someone replied I didn’t want to just dump them in the spam hopper without posting something to repleace them. Jeff Hess

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