Krempasky Strikes Out for Wal-Mart

Edelman PR VP Mike Krempasky was on CNN bloviating about the failure of the "left wing" blogs to get Ned Lamont of CT elected. Krempasky ignores all the Dem candidates that were elected and really ignores all the conservative candidates supported by "Rightroots" that were soundly defeated. VP Krempasky was hired by Edelman PR to harness the power of the blogosphere for its clients like Wal-Mart. How well is VP Krempasky utilizing the blogosphere for Wal-Mart lately? Anybody wondering whether Wal-Mart Stores Inc. will be looking for a new PR firm in the near future? UPDATE: I took Roberts advice and visited Jeff Jarvis' blog BuzzMachine. Here is what I got:
You cannot buy our word of mouth. It’s ours. You cannot buy buzz. You have to earn it. The only way to get either is to create a good product or service and to treat your customers with respect by listening to and being open and honest with them.
Pretty simple. He also suggests to forget about guidelines and policies and just Tell the truth.

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  1. Assuming Krempasky was partly behind the Walmart RV fiasco you might want to read media pundit Jeff Jarvis’s wrap up of his experience in dealing with Richard Edelman.

    He was invited to “debate” him at the WOMMA meeting and declined. He now explains why and also explains why “word of mouth” belongs to those with the mouth (us) and not some trade group.

    Take a visit to his blog for three recent diaries on the issues:

  2. Krempasky says:

    Point taken. I wasn’t involved in the candidate selection process for Rightroots.

  3. […] There’s a little more news here. My source for the statement is an e-mail from Edelman’s Mike Krempasky. Yes, that Mike Krempasky. […]

  4. please look into this says:

    Could someone please look into Wal-Mart astroturfing/freeping on Digg?

  5. The interesting thing about this list is that there is nothing on it that anyone really needs. This seems to prove that even those in restricted financial circumstances will buy unnecessary stuff.

    It’s sort of like the experiment with rats where they will kill themselves (by starvation) drinking sugar water in preference to healthy food.

    How do we get people away from mindless consumerism? The world can’t support this type of waste much longer. (I could continue on this off-topic rant, but instead I’ll refer you to the writings of ecological economist Herman Daly – a sample:
    Steady-State Economics)

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