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There has been a great deal made over fake blogs (flogs) in the US. As usual Walmart has been one of the leaders in this brave new world. Apparently the politicians in the EU don't take as benign an attitude to the practice as in the US. From today's Times Online
Businesses which write fake blog entries or create whole wesbites purporting to be from customers will fall foul of a European directive banning them from “falsely representing oneself as a consumer”. From December 31, when the change becomes law in the UK, they can be named and shamed by trading standards or taken to court.
Our rules on false and misleading advertising have become so lax in recent years that there is no chance of anything like this happening here, but it's possible that a flog in the US which was trying to influence people in the EU could be prosecuted there. Similar things have happened with libel in the US vs the UK.

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