Why Wal-Mart workers need a union.

I hate, just hate, to agree with NewsBusters, but every word in this post about our new friend David Noordeweir is absolutely right:
Of course, employees in Michigan can be fired for just about any reason, although companies can adopt policies that offer "just cause" protections as this article by the Lansing State Journal notes: Justifying a firing can make it harder for an employee to later claim the company illegally discriminated against him or her. But at-will isn't the absolute law of the land. Employers may agree to limit their firing rights through labor or employment contracts or in specifically worded company policies. Employers also can opt to become a "just cause" workplace that requires a justification be given if a worker is fired. The bottom line, Noordeweir's complain is a dog-bites-man story hardly worthy of AP wire coverage, but perhaps for the media's obsession with badmouthing Wal-Mart and, in this case, a dangers-of-MySpace hook.
The key point of this story is that David is publicizing Wal-Mart's willingness to fire even a highly-valued employee at a moment's notice for any old reason. Whether you think David's joke justifies his firing or not, the key point is that Wal-Mart doesn't need ANY reason to fire him (which is exactly why Wal-Mart workers need a union). This shouldn't be news, unless you don't understand labor law. Unfortunately, most workers don't. PS And remember, BBCAmerican says he's an angel at work too. My guess is there are thousands upon thousands of Wal-Mart employees with a lot bottled up inside. PPS OK, I don't agree with every word in that post. If reporting what Wal-Mart actually does is bad-mouthing the company then every news outlet should be so insulting.

2 Responses to “Why Wal-Mart workers need a union.”

  1. Holly J says:

    You’re kidding, right? Dude at V Tech has pattern of crazy behavior…no one does anything…it’s their fault. A company reacts to a threat made by an employee and they are “firing for any old reason”. If Wal_mart didn’t react and this guy does take action then they failed in their obligation for the safety of their other employees and customers, right?

  2. Jonathan Rees says:

    One word Holly: context. It makes all the difference.

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