Daily Wal-Marternative: Children’s Museum

Instead of a Wal-Mart why not: A children's museum along the lines of the Indianapolis Children's Museum, but better. Expand and enhance the current Cleveland Children's Museum. Building a holistic interactive child-centered museum with natural history, biological and chemical sciences, mathematics, physics, visual art, music and environmental foci will create a destination for classrooms and families across the region. Besides being a tourist destination, a children's museum can play an integral role in encouraging a child's educational development. I know the Indianapolis Children's Museum did so for me.

2 Responses to “Daily Wal-Marternative: Children’s Museum”

  1. jaws says:

    I loved the Children’s museum as a child…and the child in me still loves it today.

    The museum could definitely use an upgrade…as last I remember it

    But doesn’t the Great Lakes Science Center sort of serve as the current destination for the things you mention?

  2. Some of the things, yes. But the GLSC doesn’t offer the broad range of networked disciplines that the type of Children’s Museum I envision can offer.

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