Walmart Is A Big, Fat, Juicy Softball for Frank Jackson – PD Afraid to use the word “Walmart”

Brent Larkin tees it up nicely for Frank Jackson in today's PD. He cites Steelyard Commons as (a) Mayor Campbell's best piece of good news, and (b) Frank Jackson's most inept moment as council president, in fact, the most inept moment he's ever seen in City Council history (Jesus, Brentano...where the hell were you during George Forbes' tenure?) Best part...he does so without actually using the word "Walmart"...nice bit of spin there, Brenty boy. Writing about Campbell's deal with Walmart over Steelyard Commons, without mentioning Walmart, is like writing about the Ohio governor's race without mentioning Jerry Springer's potential candidacy...oh already did that. Walmart is the biggest, fattest softball in Frank Jackson's political career. He needs to take a swing.

One Response to “Walmart Is A Big, Fat, Juicy Softball for Frank Jackson – PD Afraid to use the word “Walmart””

  1. anonymissangel says:

    and swing he will!!!! many of you have been asking to hear from frank jackson and i promise you will hear from him real soon. the pd is so scared of change that they continue to give birth to the real quiet storm…the plain dealer.

    it is interesting to see alex’s article in sunday’s pd about moving forward. they are very good at criticizing frank, but do your own research and note the following:

    alex says we need to move cleveland forward…this is the same logo branded by frank for cleveland city council when he took over.

    alex sites many great ideas in his column, yet if one were to read frank’s city club speeches from 2003 and 2004 one would be able to see that alex did not invoke journalistic talent, he copied frank’s own words. go to and see for yourselves.

    this is the same man praising mayor what (i love and spencer) for her backdoor dealing with an unstable developer at the expense of poor people and good businesses like dave’s.

    we should all take out subscriptions to the akron beacon journal and show the pd a real quiet storm!!!!!

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