Remember, you read it here first.

I wonder if this forum bothers to mention us. Update: You know, it just struck me that some of you out there might not know what I'm talking about in this post. So, for the sake of history, you should all know that the whole "Jim" and "Laura" saga started right here.

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  1. Well, how about I bothered to mention you guys in my thesis? And yes – as the ones who blew the whistle even before business week.

    The study is a very critical examination of a concept in public relations theory. The edelman/walmarting case (or rather, the blogosphere’s conversation about it) is the source for data. I tried to “reconstruct” the entire conversation on the subject – I collected 201 blog entries and 1600+ comments – and then see how the conversation developed step by step. I also looked at what mainstream media had to say. The results and discussion are readable, the rest is mostly theoretical, like any thesis.

    Here’s the link to the study:
    (full text is available). The title is “Significance of the General Public for Public Relations: A Study of the Blogosphere’s Impact on the October 2006 Edelman/Wal-Mart Crisis.”

    Any feedback will be very much appreciated. Thanks!

  2. Sergei:
    Good for you. I hope you will continue on a career of investigative work. Too many people going into journalism these days just seem to want to be pretty faces on TV reading canned news reports.

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