How to mess up a recall without really trying

The information coming out about the poisoned flip flops from the Wal-Flacks is patently false. If they claim they "recalled" the merchandise Monday, they are not telling the truth. Here is how it went down. Wal-Mart put an internal point-of-sale restriction on the merchandise on August 31. On August 31, all store managers, co-managers, assistant managers, department 25 managers (shoes), Claims Associates, Customer Service Managers and Customer Service Associates received a "Pull and Hold" notice. The notice described the plastic thong flip flops from Xiangoing (or where ever) Manufacturing and listed the 25 or so varieties/styles/colors Wal-Mart was selling. Managers and Department managers were instructed to immediately remove the items from the sales floor and take the merchandise to the Claims area for processing and return to the vendor. There was a Point-of-Sale restriction placed on the merchandise with the affected barcodes. CSMs were supposed to be instructed not to override the POS restriction and sell the merchandise to customers if it happened to be on the sales floor by accident. All this information was sent out via Wal-Mart email on August 31 and placed on the Wal-Mart WIRE - the internal information lookup system. On Sept. 9. there were still boxes and boxes of the shoes out on shelves and customers were still trying to buy them - although the SALE NOT ALLOWED message was functioning on the registers. Some questions for the Wal-Mart spokesperson: "When did you put a POS restriction on the merchandise?" "When did you issue a 'pull-and-hold' notice?" "Why did you wait ten days to announce a recall on these items?" From BBC American: Behind The Counter.

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