Gee, I wonder why Wal-Mart didn’t think of this?

Wal-Mart Watch is raising money for Deborah Shank.

7 Responses to “Gee, I wonder why Wal-Mart didn’t think of this?”

  1. UncleBob says:

    Here’s something for y’all to dig up…

    How much money did the associates at Debora’s store raise for her after the accident? Also, how much money was given to her family out of the Associate in Critical Need Trust?

    Wait… that wouldn’t help Wal*Mart look bad at all, would it?

  2. Jonathan Rees says:

    Gee Bob,

    Why should Wal-Mart get any credit for what Wal-Mart associates did to raise money for Deborah? It’s not like it was there money.

  3. UncleBob says:

    So… umm… why give WalMart Watch credit for the money the donated by their readers?

    “Wal*Mart” isn’t some big, faceless company. The associates who work for Wal*Mart are Wal*Mart. Does it matter if a manager at one store or someone at Home Office decides to raise money? As far as I know, it’s not some giant computer that makes these decisions (yet).

    By the way, the Associate in Critical Need Trust is set up by the Home Office.

  4. Jonathan says:


    Wal-Mart Watch doesn’t need a PR firm. Nobody shops there.

    And the idea that the associates are Wal-Mart is straight out of one of those pep meetings. Healthcare is a cost. When any entity other than Wal-Mart Stores Inc. takes care of Deborah Shank’s continuing healthcare needs, that’s more money left for the Waltons.

  5. UncleBob says:

    So… it’s wonderful that people who work for WalMartWatch are raising money for Mrs. Shank because they don’t have a PR firm, but when people who work for WalMart do it, then it doesn’t count for anything because it means less money the Waltons have to pay out?

  6. Jonathan Rees says:

    No Bob,

    It’s terrible that Wal-Mart Watch is raising money for Deborah Shank because Wal-Mart should have taken care of the problem long ago. Did you read that post I wrote about excuses?

  7. UncleBob says:

    WalMart did take care of their obligations – and they’re simply asking for the Shank family to take care of theirs as well.

    It seems to me that the only party involved that really hasn’t fulfilled their obligations would be the trucking company/their insurance who settled with the Shank family for less than her existing medical bills combined with their legal fees (not even accounting for loss of work and future medical bills she may have later.) In all the hub-bub, has the name of this trucking company/their insurance company even been mentioned? Probably not… because it’s not Wal*Mart.

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