Wal-Mart (heart) acute human misery.

From Jonathan Tasini (who I usually agree with because he's usually right):
The one bright side for Wal-Mart is that as the economy continues to crater, more people are doing their holiday shopping are considering Wal-Mart as an option because they are too stretched finally. So, in a reversal of the old adage "what's good for General Motors is good for the country" we can now say something like, "when the economy is bad for most people, that's good for Wal-Mart."
But if the people at the bottom of Wal-Mart's core customer base cut back to buying almost nothing, isn't it a wash? Or see what I wrote when I basically used this title before. Perhaps Wal-Mart only (heart)s acute human misery, the kind you get during a serious economy-wide catastrophe.

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