Union Busting

There are a number of stories involving the union movement today. The big story is from GM which just closed the year on their biggest loss ever. Their solution is to offer all hourly (that is UAW) members a buyout package. Wall Street has gone crazy over the prospect of a union free GM. It seems hard to square this with the recent agreement for the UAW to take over the health care programs from GM. How is the union supposed to fund the health care program if there are too few members still employed? Oh, perhaps that was GM's plan all along. Foist the problem on the union and then cut it off at the knees. Neat. Then there was the recent statistic which shows that union membership actually went up a bit last year. Obviously this will have been seen as a blip caused by a drop in layoffs and a simultaneous series of wins by the SEIU and similar service unions that can't be sustained over the longer term. Finally, this report about the union busting legal firms expanding into the UK. The British equivalent of the AFL-CIO (the TUC) has formed an alliance with the US organization to fight back. Union-busting tactics on the increase, warns TUC
British employers are increasingly hiring US-style consultants to persuade workers not to join trade unions, the TUC warned today. ... "This is a US export that UK workplaces could well do without. Thankfully, the activities of the union busters are still small scale here compared with the influence they exercise in the States, but it's important that we do all we can to stop them dead in their tracks."
Given Walmart's expertise in this area it's somewhat surprising that they haven't set up a program to open union busting departments elsewhere along with their retail stores.

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  1. I would suppose that WalMart had wanted to gain a stronghold in the U.K. with ASDA,before rocking the boat,too hard. However,with U.S. sales not providing the growth it once did to the company,its non U.S. branches will be required to bear more of the profit burden,hence ,”Let the union busting,begin!”

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